shortest day today

21 Dec

london 11.4C 12.02pm wednesday 2016 foggy

Dec. 21, 2016 Rise Set
Actual Time 8:03 AM GMT 3:53 PM GMT
Length of Day
7h 49m
Tomorrow will be 0m4s longer.

first day of winter

so tomorrow the day will lengthen. i read a blog from a guy in sweden who said that way in the north of sweden they  will not see the sun until 1jan. i wonder how long have they been in the dark since the sun set for good. was it since the autumn equinox on oct 21st? and today is significant for them for it means the days will gradually lengthen and the sun will start showing up. it means something there. it seems to me jan 1 is even more significant for them as well, seeing it is the new year and the sun is seen for the first time since it finished the last year by disappearing. now that is really a physical happening as well as a calendar event. 

whilst here in london, it does not really impinge on us. and living in a city, u get street lights and everything ( all those christmas lights!!) so the night is quite bright really. i m glad to be living here, and not in a country where it is dark 24hrs a day. i think i would not stand it.

even in john o’groats, the northern most part of mainland uk, sun rises at 9.o2am and sets at 3.19pm. so not really dark all the time.

i have been trying to find a town in sweden where it is dark all day, but the northernmost town i could find in my weather website is kurravaara, and even then sunrise is 11.04am sunset 12.09pm. so they have at least 1hr of the sun, though clouds and rain might obscure it.  i have to go further north as far as  alta in norway to get that all dark day… it  has sunrise and sunset at the same time at 1am. that is really weird isn’t it? it sounds weird,but maybe for those who live there they dont really notice. i mean who is awake at 1am to see it? if there is anything to see, which i doubt. such a fleeting event can just go by without anyone being aware of it really. 

added. 6.09pm 11.3C dark now but really very mild. i was earlier in brixton, to buy ginger. it was cloudy so no sunset to see.

a friend of mine called me this morning, hoping to chat on skype. but for some reason he could not get onto the page for conversation. he would like to chat on skype as he only gets free calls on his BT landline after 7pm. so i am waiting now for him to call at 7pm. though i would like to go to the nearby sainsburys to see if they have reduced their minced beef to 50p. its quite difficult to time it right as they dont seem to reduce it at a fixed time. 

added.7.30pm. no luck , went just now at about 7pm, and they have one pack but it was not at 50p. so i did not buy it. i did not linger, as i wanted to get back in case my friend calls me. it is the downside to these calls. he dont say when he will call, just that it will be after 7pm. so it means i cannot go out. u can see why it can be an inconvenience if u have a friend who likes to chat and is not easy going about it to take pot luck if u are in or not. just as well that i dont plan on going out to the tesco to see if there are anymore reductions. i went last night. 

its quite a lot of fun, like hunting. except instead of stalking animals and killing them, we stalk the supermarkets to catch the reductions as they come. there are bargains to be had around now when the shops will close completely for christmas and they will have to get rid of their expired foods. there are 4 days of early closing too. 

added 10am thursday 22.12.16 7.9C sunny. i had a look at alta, norway today.

Dec. 22, 2016 Rise Set
Actual Time Sun does not rise Sun does not rise
Length of Day
0h 00m
Tomorrow will be 0m0s shorter.

well if the sun do not rise, than it stands to reason that the day cannot get any shorter, right? i read in this article about the arctic circle that norway has mild weather, because of the gulf stream, its waters don’t ice over in winter.

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