23 Dec

london 11.48am 11.4C cloudy/foggy friday 2016

i have not listened to the radio music for ages. but i rediscovered spotify yesterday night when i wanted to listen to this christmas music by this guy who won a singing contest on tv. i forgot his name. oh, i took a look at the spotify website and saw his name in my playlist. he is jordan smith. the song can only be heard if i join spotify. and i discovered that i am actually registered in there but forgot i did. so luckily i stumbled on the correct password… because i use one or two, the same passwords, all the time so was able to get in.

 so now i have put the link on my dashboard and am hearing the random music from there. quite nice, i am rediscovering it is quite nice to listen to music while u do other things. i used to listen to the radio or have some kind of music playing in the background ages ago, when i was younger. now when i hear music coming out of my chrome book  it does bring back a flavour of those days.

for some reason i could not get the radio channels. but their browsing section has got lots to chose from and i dont have to listen to the dj chatter if it were on radio. 

its foggy out there, (added. 1.08pm, it is not foggy , it is my spectacles fogging over).yesterday i read the airports were closed because of the fog, and yet yesterday was not really as foggy. but then, looking at it outside my window i get a restricted view of it. now so many will be leaving the country for their overseas holidays so i bet it will be chaos at the airports. haha. 

Digital StillCamera

two huge cauliflowers that i bought yesterday for 39p each.


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