roast lamb

24 Dec

london 2.37pm 10.4C cloudy saturday christmas eve.2016

roast lamb. simon cooked it at 200C and it took such a quick time to cook. and so tender. it was not for any special occasion, nor is it because it is today. i think he just felt like having roast lamb. and having a new oven is maybe an incentive to do more roasting.

added. 5.31pm 10.5C dry. i went earlier to the supermarkets to see if there was any reductions. the shelves were empty of food. how strange that people will buy so much and clear the shelves. i managed to get a 10p loaf of wholewheat bread. i saw the basic bourbon creams, 200mg for 30p. the price is not reduced, it is the normal price. i haven’t tried them before, but they are really very good.

still it means come new year’s eve, no body will be shopping for food.  the tradition seems to be you cook the christmas lunch,and spend time with the family,  but when it comes to new year u eat out or go out and revel with your friends.  




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