a sunny day

28 Dec

london 12.33pm 4.1C (0.6C briefly at 8.19am) sunny wednesday 2016 at the marylebone library

i havent posted anything since christmas eve, so i thought i shall do so. i was earlier at the victoria library looking forward to bingeing on the newspapers that have accrued over the holidays. but there was none. so i thought i shall go to this marylebone library, but they dont have the papers either. a notice was on the desk saying ‘due to supplier closure during the festive period there wont be any newspapers till 2jan. ‘

what a bummer. haha. but maybe just as well. it has been bad news all round these days.

it isn’t really crucial of course to read the papers; as we all get our news online. in fact, immediately it happens too. i got the news of carrie fisher dead just as a live stream as it was posted on the news website. it was surprising that she has died, because in the 24dec daily telegraph, which i picked up just now, i saw one of the relatives saying she is in a stable condition in hospital.

these on the spot news just means we get immediately to know if any celebrity died. that is when i read that the writer of watership down, died too at 96yrs old. carrie fisher was 60yrs old, george michael was even younger at 53yrs old. they are famous that is why their deaths are so notable. maybe that was why i had not been posting lately, so gloomy the news. it just seem frivolous to be talking of my mundane life. i suppose that is the downside of getting our news instantly instead of a day old when it gets onto the newspapers the next day. i am not sure i subscribe to the idea of getting bad news instantly. surely bad news can wait.

but this morning it is bright and blue sky, and sunny and it s a new day. for those of us who are living, life goes on and we shall be very happy to be alive and well.



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