31 Dec

london 5.59pm 9.3C its mild dry clear night this new year eve. saturday 2016.

the road at the end of my estate is now blocked off to traffic in preparation for sealing the centre from all traffic , even the buses are diverted; to accommodate the crowds that are expected to gather for the fireworks and all that. people can still get in there via the tubes, so they dont really have to walk in from the perimeter.

after the lorry massacres in Nice and berlin, it is a precaution they are taking to prevent any such happening here. quite a sensible precaution i think. though i have a friend who did mention that long before this they have stopped all traffic coming into the centre  during the new year eve fireworks. that was to stop bombs from being taken in via vehicles.

so even before when the fireworks were free to watch,  they were allready doing it. so this ban on traffic is not new. it just became more noticeable now.

the tickets to watch the fireworks are still £10 each and sold out. i will watch it on tv, as i just dont like crowds, esp drunken ones.

personally i think if u see one fireworks u have seen them all. haha. 




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