electricity bill oct-dec 2016

2 Jan

london 9.23am 3.7C sunny monday 2017

a mundane entry this one. but i am interested in it. i remembered i should be sending the reading to np my electricity provider. so i called them on the phone but was only given a list of numbers to push. and none of it was for giving my meter reading. and they wont transfer me to a real life person but kept repeating those lists of numbers to push. so i searched online and found their website and entered my meter reading there. it acknowledge my sending the reading. just have to wait for the bill to come then. so for my own records as well, here it is.

 £45.84 oct-dec2016, 275kwh over 91days 0.50p/day 3.02kwh/day

the bill is  very easy to calculate now when i just have to multiply by 0.1667. there is no standing charge, thank goodness. so this is the autumn quarterly bill.

i used quite a lot of electricity this period unlike the last autumn bill in 2015. but still quite low. i dont have gas heating,( no gas supply. i havent used gas for ages, and asked the gas man to disconnect the meter about 2yrs ago) , and i dont switch on the electric heaters, haven’t needed to do it even now.

they are predicting -1C in london tomorrow morning . i will believe it when i see it. the lowest we got here today was 2.8C this morning.

added 8.07pm 2.6C night dry. 


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