following the news has become a habit

4 Jan

london 2.41pm 7.6C cloudy wednesday 2017

7.16pm 2.9C dry. forecast to be -2C in the early hours tomorrow. would be interesting if it really did get to those temperatures.

things are uneventful here in uk. so much so that they have to scrape the bottom of the barrel of news by reporting an earthquake of 3.8 , 100miles at sea  from scarborough. hardly anyone noticed it. the headline says this is  the biggest earthquake in uk for 10yrs. all sounds terrifying and all that doesn’t it? you can tell,they are really desperate to fill the pages of the newspapers, or news websites if they have to drag this in.

 to me it is just very nice to have no news to angst over. but i can see those whose business is to report news dont like it.

 there is a dearth of news, because the newspapers are all very thin. haha. dont seem worth it to buy them when they are so thin. i read them in the library of course and skim through them quickly. only the daily mail seem to be full of news. i read it online, as the local print version is being hogged in the library by one of the regulars who hang about the place. he sleeps over it like a dog in the manger. silly man really. it is really surprising that no one has shopped him to the librarians and get him kicked out. people are not allowed to sleep in the library. i guess people are really quite tolerant.

i have seen quite a number of the other users have stopped going there. i think he is the cause of it. they are similar to myself, because i too have stopped going to that branch for a bit. until the other libraries stopped buying  the full range of newspapers. this one still continue to buy them.

i suppose i got a love hate relationship with the news. haha. some times it is so depressing to read any news. but it can be very compulsive to do so, like watching something so horrific that u are kind of transfixed to watch even though u want to stop.

it’s a bit like a habit. now and then i can stop myself so i stop going to the library for a bit. in fact, i have loosened up a bit, in the past i would go first thing when it open its doors in the morning and spend the whole morning there. thank goodness i got out of that habit.  but i still check the news online.

it is a harmless habit, i think, so i continue with it. it does me no harm, at least i like to think that… because i know how to keep the news in perspective and not get too carried away by what i read. i take a lot of stuff reported with scepticism. and usually it is justified when they later report the incident with further details and u get a more rounded picture of that event.

at least it keeps me away from the alcohol. haha. though i think it is me not having a addictive personality. i can never get myself so addicted to anything that i do it obsessively.

i think boredom may be the biggest reason why people drink or overeat. it starts with boredom and then they get hooked.  i can see people being so bored that they resort to drink, or to food, and make gluttons of themselves and grow fat and then angst over it, and create something to worry about. 



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