its mild in london and uk. (correction, only central london)

5 Jan

london 8C sunny blue sky 11.30am thursday 2017.

they say we will be getting -2C this morning, but the lowest we got is 1.7C. granted it is in central london. i think poor old crystal palace is -2.8C haha. and in bournemouth too…(-6C) i have a friend who lives there, that was why i checked it. he said he dont notice it as he is nice and warm in his flat. 



i wanted to show the cold as it spread over europe but it is a gif, so it wont stay still. so no picture. haha.  and the link i give below is not going to stay still and will show the currant weather conditions. if u see this in summer, it will show very different conditions.

this is forecast to be the state of the weather in europe on saturday 7.1.17.  6am. it shows the cold extending all the way to mid spain region, and down to sicily and greece. as well as the usual cold in germany and the eastern europe.

what surprised me is the uk not experienceing cold is still green and  it is not awash with that cold blue smear.  even spain has its northern half getting minus C. and look at sicily and greece, i thought they are so south they should get warmer weather in winter than us in uk. the whole of europe is frigid with cold. brr.

added. 9.02am sunday 8.1.17. cloudy 10.5C. this report shows how cold it is in europe. we here in uk got it mild, by comparison. lowest temp this morning is 10.1C

i have always thought it is warmer in europe in winter, wasn’t that why so many brits used to holiday in the south of france in winter? and why so many have gone to france to live? if they are just as cold, if not colder than london in winter, why the heck are we going there to live? have we been had? fooled by their summer temperatures to think their winters must be warmer too?

and i see tv programs about brits there trying to eke out a living by doing b&b, or making wine, or offering paragliding … and i thought why? you got nice cushy jobs in uk, why go there to do menial work, with not much money? the only reason to go there to live is if u have got a rich pension from working all your life in the uk, and now you can live off your pension, then it makes sense to go to europe. well it makes sense before we voted to leave and the £ dropped. but if the pension is high enough it should still be nice to live there for the lifestyle. (by which i mean all that cheap wine!!!)

its such a nice sunny day out there, i shall go out, and bus to the aldi, where they are selling a pineapple and 6 gala apples for 60p. i suddenly crave something tropical and the pineapples sound good.

got a phone call just now and it was a recorded message saying this is an important announcement from the bank of scotland, press one for … another of those scam calls. and this one is brazen asking  you to call them and pay for the call… naturally i put the phone down on it. 

added 5.16pm 5.4C dark now. since i came back from the aldi at about 2.30pm, i got another of that bank of scotland scam call. it is strange they are so persistent. anyway i got the pineapple, 2 in fact, and the apples.(added. there was a woman buying a cart load of pineapples when i arrived at the 59p shelves. i can understand why she did it, sometimes u really want a bit of something that reminds you of  the tropics. )

and bought a chicken in a bag. i noticed they are selling these chickens where u can pop it in the oven, inside its bag and so u dont handle the chicken at all.

 so u dont contaminate your kitchen with salmonella by washing it. (not that people wash the chicken, they have been warned not to do it).

i wondered how they get the roasted skin,if it is inside the bag.  and now that i have cooked that chicken in its bag, i find they dont. you dont get a roasted chicken u get a steamed chicken. also normally i would season the chicken, before i pop it in the oven, but with it in its bag, i could not do so. i shall not bother with it next time, and just roast chicken in the normal way. 

the joy of roast chicken is that lovely crackling skin. if i want steamed chicken i much prefer boiling it in the chinese way. that uses so much less electricity too and you get lovely tender flesh and a pot of broth to make chicken rice with. so now i know enough to avoid these chickens in their bag. 

8.1.17 added. 9.08am sunday . it seems simon banks with bank of scotland , so that call was for him. i did not know till i saw a letter from the bank to him saying they have agreed an overdraft for him. so that was not a scam call after all. 

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