snow in europe but not here in uk

8 Jan

london 9.27pm 10C sunday 2017. its been raining a bit. its been around 10c all day.

its very mild in london yet in the papers i read that europe is having a freezing spell.  but no one in my wordpress reader who lives in europe are posting pictures of snow laden landscapes around where they live. so is it happening as they say in the papers, or is it just hype. or is snow such a normal occurrence, no one who lives there gets excited about it like we do in london. i must say the papers are very good at putting up pictures of the snow in the streets. i think they realise that a lot of us like to see snow bound streets and clogged mayhem caused by the snow. 

 here in london if it snows we are all out there taking pictures and putting them on our blogs, because it is so rare to get snow here. i had to search my blog to find out when we really had anything like snow on the ground and can only find an entry on 18jan 2013. and even then it was just a sprinkling, like suger icing.

i cannot remember when we really had a deep snow fall. maybe there was one in 2010? i googled it and it does look like that winter of 2009-2010 was the cold one. as long ago as that. this blog only started in 2012, so i dont really have any posts about it. ah well, just as well we are having  warm weather. snow may be pretty to look at but it is very bad to have to live through it. but of course we might still see snow this year… after all the really cold weather is in february.

 added 12.32pm 10.1C monday 2017. i read the news in the papers that the alps is suffering because of a lack of snow. hang on, are we living in the same universe and time line? or what? i thought i have fallen into a worm hole and got into a different universe.  here is the latest snow report. it says no snow in those ski resorts. i have to take another look at the date to make sure it is not some old report that has slipped in by mistake. it is dated 9.jan. 2017. so have the weather done a cruel trick on them? dumped snow in areas that dont want it, but kept clear of the hills ski resorts? mother nature is so naughty… 


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