richard littlejohn

10 Jan

london 5.54am (so early to wake up) 6.2C tuesday 2017.

usually i am not a fan of richard littlejohn, who writes for the daily mail, but this column by him is so funny it gave me a good laugh so early in the morning. and i had to mention it. hope it gives u a good laugh too. as with any humour it has more than a sprinkling of unsettling truths about it.

All you need to know about actresses is that they insist on being known as ‘actors’ until the Golden Globes and the Oscars come around, at which time they are quite happy to be nominated for ‘Best Actress’.


Unfortunately, one day the woman didn’t turn up and Tom insisted that Gillian did the decent thing. He told her: ‘I’ve taken my Viagra, so you’ll have to do it.’ She refused and when Tom tried to force himself upon her, she had to beat him off with a hammer.

this is about how an old man solves that problem of loneliness in old age.


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