adverts…fish and chips

13 Jan

london 1.54pm 5.3C library cloudy friday 2016

this advert in today’s metro by lidl shows how expensive these branded breaded cod are. looking at the chips i was reminded of the 29p 2kg pack of potatoes that tesco was selling at reduced price the other day which i did not buy because i could not eat that much potatoes. but this advert reminds me that i could make chips out of them, and they would be lovely. 

Breaded cod and chips for four

copied this from the lidl website. as i was curious to know how much the breaded cod is. at £2.29 it is the most expensive item. their chips is 50p, many would consider that worth buying rather than making it themselves from potatoes. u have to cut those potatoes up and that is a bit of effort. you can see why so many prefer to just buy these ready made foods rather than make it from scratch. it tempts me even.added. 17.17.17, they are not the cheapest , which is surprising to me. tesco ketchup is 42p 550mg, asda is 38p 500mg. morrisons,1kg 65p

i see the metro today has some interesting adverts. here is another by yorkshire tree, they sell tea, giving an advert that cater to the craze for colouring books 

Digital StillCamera

personally i cannot understand what is this about coloring these things. but there are some people who are crazy about it.and another advert by subway with vouchers for deals. even i am tempted. 

this is not their usual offering. first time i see it.  quite a good offer i think, if i were a tourist , esp that £5 meal deal. so well worth cutting out the voucher in today’s metro. i must emphasise that caveat… ‘if i were a tourist’. it is really much cheaper to just buy the ingredients and make it all up yourself. 

added. having said all that it is still very much cheaper to make it all yourself just buying the fish in frozen packs and breading it yourself. and that is the reason why even though i cut out these vouchers, i dont go out and use them to buy these. 


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