nice snowless winter so far

14 Jan

london 11am 5C cloudy saturday 2016

its the weekend again. how nice! no snow around my area, and i thought it is just because i am in central london but it seems it is also snowless allover. as seen in this article mocking the lack of snow amongst some twitterers. haha. and trying to explain why we here in uk seem to be unable to cope with the winter snow, even though we dont get much of it. it seems that is the trouble, we dont get much of it. haha.

in fact, the police has evacuated a town in essex, for fear of a storm surge flooding it. it happened years ago when quite a lot of people died, so they thought they better do a precaution. but nothing happened. the weather people have been forecasting yellow alerts and what not, making everyone think there is a big one coming.

but i have looked at the weather patterns given by this website and i can tell, even me without any training at all, can see that it wont be that bad. it will miss london and the south east. though the picture for essex is rather mixed. so i guess u cannot blame the police to do precautionary measures. if they dont and there is massive floods, and people died, they will be blamed for it. so maybe people should look at this as something they might be thankful for that nothing bad happened. in this case their precaution only inconvenienced a few households.

unlike heathrow cancelling flights as a precaution even before the snow struck, or lack of snow struck. haha. they followed the weather forecast, and thought they can prevent the chaos that happened last year or so where the airports were snowed under and they got a lot of angry customers. now they tried to do the right thing but it all blew up in their faces when the snow refused to cooperate. 

of course it is early days, winter is not over and we might still get snow. i noticed that it might come in march too. in the past that month has very deep snow falls.

in london we get the situation where we have so many commuters coming in and out at certain hours in the morning and evening, that no system can cope smoothly all the time. and then there are all those artificial man made things like strikes…

generally i am glad i dont do any travelling now. i dont remember we have all this bother in the past, but then maybe we did and i dont remember them. our memory of the past can be selective, or maybe i never travel around peak times, like public holidays and so never did  get all this bother.

after all, we are all familiar with the mass exodus to go home during any new year, esp the chinese new year. all those people on the move in china is something to behold. even in malaysia, we get people going home and always there will be the rise of road deaths from accidents around that time. in uk, people do cope well with it, so that we dont get news about a rise in road deaths around christmas or new year.

this year the airlines are giving low fares deals to asia, so for the chinese people wanting to go for reunions in malaysia, chinese new year is only 2wks away, it is a good time.

only yesterday i saw an advert in the metro by qatar airlines, bangkok £369, bali £399, cape town £469, melbourne £619 rtn. and if u want direct flights to kl, malaysia airlines gives good rates. you can still get £480 rtn by malaysia airlines even as close to cny as 25th jan. when u consider the £ has dropped 20% i am really surprised that can still get these rates. 

though this year there is a lot of rain and flooding in thailand around this time. unusual, because around now the rains would have stopped. oh well, cant have everything i guess. 


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