seeing clearer

15 Jan

london 3.36pm rain 8.9C sunday 2016

8.17pm 8.8C dry now.

i have got my glasses on 8th nov, and so have about 2months of use and i have to admit they do make my tv viewing much more pleasurable. i can see the pictures so much clearer now.

it is one of those things, where i am so used to seeing things blurry, that it comes as a revelation when i can see things so clearly now. i did not know what i missed when i was looking at things in a blur. haha.

i wonder whether that is what life is all about, that u dont miss something when u are not aware of it, but once someone open your eyes to it, u find you cannot do without it and the pleasure u take from it is so much enhanced.

i think also my eyesight has gradually got worse. it is so gradual that i am not aware of it. but now i got these glasses, when i take them off, i can notice the difference. the far distance is more blurry than  before.

now, whether the glasses has caused it, or my eyesight has got worse, is something the cause and effect of which i dont know. but whatever, i got the glasses now and they make my vision so much clearer so it is a moot point really.

watching tv is now so much more pleasurable. i am seeing ‘the hobbit, an unexpected journey’ now, and am really impressed by the background and props. they are now in the elven kingdom and it is really splendid to see. and it is so sharp the picture, even though i am not seeing it in HD. it must be great for those who dont want to imagine it, but to see it with their eyes. 





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