no idea how to use a smartphone

17 Jan

london 12.57pm 9.3C sunny tuesday 2016

simon bought a lenovo smartphone for £20. it is sold by O2, so quite legit. amazingly low price, because it is a recycled smartphone. they dont sell it with a charger, u have to pay extra for that, but they give u a usb , so u can charge it via your laptop. however, he is having trouble with it because he has not a clue how it works. for eg, he could not find the alarm button. there is a button to alter the volume of the alarm , but no button for him to set the alarm and switch it on.  he had expected the alarm logo to appear on the screen , but it did not come up on the screen as you would expect such things to do… i suppose it is such a basic function everyone and his dog knows how to bring it up, so no one bothers to put in instructions to tell you how to do it. … that is the trouble with these gadgets. they all assume u know the basics. but if u are new to smartphones you are   like a primitive aborigine given these gadgets … no clue which end is up even. you could be seeing it all upside down and have no idea you are doing it. well that is the experience simon is having now and it is very irritating for him. 

i had thought of getting one of these, after i heard he bought it for only £20, but after seeing him being baffled by it, i decided i dont want to deal with it, and so i have  rid myself of any thoughts of buying one. thank goodness, is all i can say. one less bother to bother with.

he will need to find someone who has a smartphone to show him the basic things. 




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