old bomb found in london

20 Jan

london 9.04am 1.2C sunny (lowest was briefly 0.5C at about 7.30am) friday 2016

yesterday i read in the online papers that central london between westminster bridge and waterloo bridge was closed because they dredged up a bomb in the river near charing cross pedestrian bridge. i was there taking the bus back from meeting a friend at ageuk in tavistock square. we were there from 1.30pm. and things were normal when i took the bus back and cross parliament square at about 5pm. so i am glad i missed all that drama.

though simon did not. he left for his mum’s house at about 7pm,  and had to return when he was blocked by the closure. he finally left at about 11pm when things got quieter. the blockage was on till 3am.

 i guess it must be very disruptive for those people who are caught up in it, but there you are. people on foot can always escape all that and take the tube, because even though the tube runs under the thames at that point, they did not think it will affect it and let the tube services go on.

that bomb had been there since world war 2, moving it might trigger it off, i suppose.

in fact old bombs do come up . recently they close victoria station when a bomb was discovered under the big dig out that they were doing at the construction site going on around there. they are building new entrances for the victoria station upgrade, as well as a huge complex of  retail businesses and luxury flats there. they close the area as they are expected to do. but it was a small area unlike this one.

in fact, considering the huge amount of bombs that rained down on london during the blitz, i am surprised there are not more of these accidental findings.  or maybe they did find lots but just quietly took them away without making a song and dance about it. in those days people were less bothered with taking precautionary measures.

an old bomb that failed to detonate when it fell on the ground is hardly likely to start after so many years. 

but today will be noted more for it being the day trump officially becomes president of the usa. 

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