even temperature gauges have differences in opinion, they are like us humans.

21 Jan

london 3.54pm 5.6C sunny saturday 2017

the temperature readings around my area can vary from 10.3C  to 3.5C . looks like these gauges have opinions too. like us humans.

this afternoon there is a march, from mayfair to waterloo place, by women against trump’s inauguration. they seem to think he might remove their privileges. why women in uk think he would do that , or for that matter why all women all over the world who are demonstrating, think trump will remove their priviledges in each of the many countries they come from, seem rather inexplicable.

 so looks like the temperature gauges are mimicking humans by expressing different readings and being contradictory.

unfortunately if u hold those opinions u will act on them even though they are wrong. i mean u just have to read all those people who have predicted doom for brexit, they are proved wrong, but they still have fears.

or they really want to remain part of the EU, even though those officials are not elected. one wonders why british people who vote remain and dont want to accept brexit  dont mind being ruled by a bunch of unelected bureaucrats in brussels rather than by their own parliament. are they so afraid that parliament will remove all the rights that the EU have put in place? what makes them think so i wonder? why should parliament remove those rights  when u consider parliament have implemented all the directives given out by the eu?

or perhaps they feel that they wont be allowed into europe anymore if we leave. many of them have not lived through the old days when anyone can go into europe without a visa. i am not british and i can go in and out without any trouble at all.so brits can still go in and out of europe to visit. no problem at all. so those who think they will be barred from their holidays to france, or spain, etc, can rest assured.

 the only difference is you cannot work there , so maybe that is the one that makes people who vote remain, wish to remain. but how many really go there to work? when the european countries are having such huge youth unemployment there cannot be much work going around for expats to do. and i m sure not many brits are that fluent in the local languages to be hireable. that leaves only the self employed who buy or establish a business there. they can still do so after we leave.

 so that leaves those who have bought houses there and want to live there. cant be many of them. but they can still live there, just have to come back every 3 months or so. but one big problem will be they wont be able to get free medical treatment… or rather free to them, uk still have to pay for it with the present arrangement. that will push them back to uk. so in that sense they are the ones to lose out but the uk gains because the uk dont have to pay their medical bills as an extra to what is given to the nhs in uk,anymore. 

i think if those bureaucrats have handled the migration problem better, brexit wont have happened. people dont mind their economic incompetence, poor growth, mass youth unemployment,  greek economy, italy’s banks, is quite bad but i dont think they will want to break from the eu because of those reasons.  but when the people see so many illegally come into their country, it is an invasion… people will  rebel against it.

if the migrants have been peaceful and were not in such numbers, it might still succeed, as germany , even sweden ( was surprised to read in a blog that sweden has finally reached 10million population recently. so few of them… in such a big country) do want these young people to swell their work force… to provide pensions and replacement  for their old folks who will be retiring soon; but these migrants have a different agenda. or their numbers make it too many and they come in too quickly  to  allow time to integrate peacefully with the rest of the population.

immigration is a good thing, but it has to be controlled. just look at britain, who took in all idi amin’s uganda indians when they were kicked out by him and they have peacefully integrated and in fact helped the british economy. but it was a clear intake, limited in numbers and period… unlike now.

i think all those people crossing the mediterranean and invading europe will prove too much for the EU and cause it to disintegrate. it is quite difficult to see how they can control the people coming  in their boats from africa. short of shooting them, sinking them, or put them in prison when they arrive, all of which wont be allowed in any case, i cannot see how they can control it.

Digital StillCamera

ah well, no need to get heated up at what i am saying. as my opinion is no better or worse than yours. and it is only an opinion. but i am glad the uk is going its own way. europe’s problems seem insurmountable really because it all has to be agreed by all 27 of them and that is impossible. 

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