normal day in london on a sunday

22 Jan

london 1.22pm 5.8C sunny sunday 2017

the weather website i am using is all over the place in that the readings varies widely 13C to 3C range in a small area. i dont know why there should be so many different readings.

but just relying on my own personal experience right now, its sunny but the sun is so weak , it is too cold to be sitting out in it. usually i like to sit in the sun to make vit D, but it is too uncomfortable to do so now. my friend in bournemouth said he was able to sit out in the sun, and it was like sitting by a fire he said.  so it is warm for him. maybe he got a park bench that is sheltered from the wind. but it is not the case in london.

i read online that denia in spain is having snow recently. but it must be a one off, because my friend forwarded a email from our friend who lives in benidorm that it was snowing only in the hill towns, and he attached some pics of the snow there;  but not in benidorm itself. benidorm is near denia. he said they are getting 6c at night. i suppose it is cold for them, but normal for london. we have been getting -0.5C lowest temp. my indoor thermometer says 15C.

the online news is all about the donald, and worrying about what he will do, and most saying it wont be good. it’s all speculation of course as they have no way of knowing. so i just stop reading about it for now. there is no solid news that is why. in fact, not much to see in the internet. for me anyway, as i am not a big fan of the social network like twitter etc.

i go out earlier in the day, my excuse is to go to the library to read the news and see what books i might like to borrow. but it is really just to get out and take in some air and sunshine.

other people might go shopping, as an excuse to go out. so they go buying clothes, or grocery shop, or buying stuff, or go out to a coffee shop to have a coffee whether alone or to meet others. it can be amusing to see what other people do to amuse themselves.

i pass by speakers corner, at hyde park on the bus  and i can see people standing listening to some speakers on their soapbox. so that is another thing that some do on a sunday to while away the time.

i think it is fun to people watch. i could do it sitting in a coffee shop, but i think it is more fun to sit on top of the bus and look at people. 

what do i do to amuse myself when i am at home?  to amuse myself i watch tv and read as well as go into the internet. films seem to be the most prolific form of entertainment there is on tv. right now i am watching short circuit, made in 1986. about a robot who is struck by lightning and develop intelligence. and i alternate it with watching muppets take manhatten. made in 1984, when u come to think of it there are so many movies made, we wont run out of things to watch. that is why u have channels devoted solely to showing movies in the freeview channels that are free to watch. there is a skit showing now with  joan rivers and piggy. 

Digital StillCamera

this is the curry simon made just now. it is no wonder indian takeaway curry houses are closing. when u can just buy these jars of indian style curry sauces which u can just dump into a saucepan with chicken breast or any other meat and just cook it. he uses sharwoods brand. i would use curry powder, so much cheaper. each jar 400mg costs about £1.75 (though u could get them for £1 when they are on offer), which i think is expensive but simon likes it. and of course u do get the various types of indian curry, like rogan josh, etc. though how different in taste they are in reality is moot.

my curry powder is malaysian, so there is that distinctly malaysian taste, (it costs £1.45 for 200mg so it lasts and lasts)but it is not like an indian curry. there is definitely a different   smell and taste with malaysian curry powder as opposed to indian curry powder.

sharwoods do a authentic egg noodle pack. it has that lovely smell that i remember from home. usually they are £1.75 for 375mg. though i see from the website that tesco is reducing them to 87p. i dont find them in the store though. so it must be only online. asda sell them for £1 and that is without any promotion. it seems to be their normal price.  simon likes them and i have to admit i like them too. i might buy them. that is another thing we do, we eat. i do all my eating at home, with dishes i cook myself or eat what simon cooks. but i daresay plenty of others will go and eat out, or takeaway, or buy ready made foods from Marks and Spencer or waitrose. or waitrose is selling heinz chicken soup with a taste of thai spice… for 59p. half price. i have not come across such items but it seems they are doing it now… adding spice and stuff to their basic chicken or tomato soups. i have a feeling people like the ordinary soups, and not really want these add ons. hence they are selling them cheap.

heinz soups are usually £1. but they all seem to be having a promotion now and selling them at half price, 50p . even so ,i dont seem to buy them. maybe because they only have 3% of chicken in them.

soups would be very useful to have to keep people warm. heinz soups can be very more-ish. i used to like and buy campbells concentrated chicken soup. they go very well with baguettes or any bread really. as kids, we get to have them while growing up and so i, for one, associate them with growing up and being a kid. i haven’t bought any for quite a long while nowadays, but this reduced offer by waitrose brings it to my mind now. 

Sharwood's Fine Egg Noodles (375g)

fine egg noodles


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