in praise of lidl

26 Jan

london 2.23pm library thursday 2016 2017  2.7C foggy still.

i see quite a lot of adverts about food, and this one by lidl strikes me as very good, showing people it is really cheap instead of buying that expensive beef from tesco, u can buy a complete steak dinner for less at lidls. lidls and aldi have really made it plain now that the big 4 supermarkets have all these years been marking up their foods. in the past we had no way of comparing how  much they have marked it up, now we can. 

and then there is this advert by burgerking and macdonalds (both in the same paper today) reducing their hamburgers to £2. actually potatoes can be cheaper than that. yesterday i got 4kg of red potatoes for 28p in tesco. it was reduced obviously. there are so many different types of potatoes , i dont really know what’s different about them. to me potatoes are just potatoes. i wonder if these can be made into chips. too small maybe. 

also lots of adverts from the supermarkets offering chinese meals for £4, that is the cheapest though it is much cheaper to just buy the ingredients individually. it is the run up to chinese new year so they are doing these promotions.

generally they are not as good value as their ordinary offers. for eg, M&S,(marks and spencer) have other days when they offer for £10, a main, 2sides, 2 desserts and a bottle of wine. and the main can be a whole medium chicken(usually £5).

not for me though, as i dont really care for desserts, or sides or wine ( or appetisers for that matter) and i can get a medium chicken for about £3 in other supermarkets. but i know for a fact that there are very few people like me. haha. i dont think there are any people who dont like desserts, sides, or wine. i like one course meals. that way i can savour to the fullest the tastes and texture of it and be full from that. rather than swamp it all with something sweet at the end.

added. 5.36pm 1.9C dry night. it is curious, according to the weather website it has been around 2C all day, with high of 2.9C very briefly, but i have been out and it did not feel cold at all. usually at these temperatures you will notice the cold, but not today. but then, i have noticed that what is stated by the instruments are not the same as what u actually feel. maybe there is no wind. that might explain it, as the wind chill factor is a strong factor to how cold you feel. 

added. 8.09pm 1.9C i roasted some of the potatoes, and it turned out quite edible. its not perfect though. it has not got the lovely crisp outside and soft insides that roast potatoes are like. simon is better at doing these things than i . i tried to make crisps, but realise that it does not work in the oven. you need to deep fry them. rather messy frying things, and u have to stand over it, doing it in small batches , so time consuming as well.  so i shall not do any.  i think i shall use the rest of the potatoes in a curry, and in mash. i think i can do lots of potato curry and use some to make curry puffs. i still got the shortcrust pasty that was reduced which is in the freezer. 



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