cny eve

27 Jan

london 5.7C 2.30pm misty friday 2017

6.5C 7.17pm dry night. seems to be increasing in temperature as the night goes on.

a quiet night for me. i am sure very unlike those chinese living in or china , taiwan where they will be greeting the chinese new year (cny) with crackers and noise. though with so much disturbances there have been steps taken to curb a lot of the excesses that can occur.

there is a lot of fun to be had of course with setting off crackers so that they make the path to the house a sea of red which will be left to remain in place for the 15days of celebrations that follow.

 its very festive, and red is such a prosperous colour. and of course if u are a kid, it is all very exciting because not least for the red packets of money that u will receive. and for the food too, because this is when mothers will show forth their culinary expertise. 

Free things to do over the Chinese New Year weekend (Jan 27-30)

the splendidly lighted statue in singapore.


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