life force is very powerful

2 Feb

london 12.45pm 10.8C thursday 2017 rain

i happen to see my potted plant by the window and noticed that it has put out two seedlings that it has tried to project out of range of itself. one of the stalks have withered so that it falls on the ground. normally it would be soil and it would take root, but unfortunately for it, my window ledge is barren. the other one has sprouted out in the opposite direction to the first and is in the process of being thrown out further afield and awaiting the stalk to wither and lower it to the ground in the hope that there will be more fertile ground on that side. looking at it, i cant help thinking there is this exuberance of life, this impetus for life that will throw out seedlings no matter what. everywhere in nature we can see it in action.

what is this life force i wonder that is so powerful that it wont be denied? it is wonderful to behold, dont you think?

Digital StillCamera

added. 9.07pm 11.3C drizzling. am watching the latest death in paradise on tv. i read the news earlier today saying the star who plays the detective is leaving the series, after 4yrs. he says he misses his family as shooting the series takes 6months in quadelope. also a actor who was there to film an episode, said he got zika virus when he was there and only found out when he got back to uk. you would think being there should be paradise, wont you? but the reality is of course there is not much to do on  an island, no matter how paradisical it is. life there is simple and you have to find your own entertainment or like the kind of quiet life. lying on a beach sounds ideal, but really it can be rather boring after a bit. nice if u are on holiday, but i cant see myself doing it all the time. 

and too much of life is revolving round catering to tourists and their coming and going in a big rush during tourist season and everything dead afterwards. not to mention out of season it will rain and rain. and what about the storms? island life is not all that great it seems.

 but it kind of make me think that though plants and other animals are very preoccupied with propagating themselves, in fact they do nothing else everything is geared towards it, we humans dont really spend a lot of time spreading our seed. we eat and sleep and fxxk, but there is so much time left over because we dont have to hunt for food anymore, so that we go seeking other things to do to amuse ourselves, so we tell stories, make films, and act in it, and write books, and just generally do all kinds of silly things just to while away the time. or we also kill each other too. just for something to do really and while away the time between being born and die. 

added.6.18pm saturday 4.2.17. found this article telling us what we do to fill the time between being born and dying. equivalent of 17wks having sex. 30hrs crying, 26yrs sleeping. no mention of how much time we spent eating and groceryshopping and cooking the meals. now with ready meals the time spent must be even less than those old days when we have to hunt and gather food. even then, we have lots of time on our hands to do mischief. 

i have just noticed that his female police officer is always in very short shorts, and skimpy top showing lots of flesh whilst the male officers are in uniform.  and look , the team have been sent to london to interrogate some witnesses. hmm, so even they are finding just filming all that sand and sea and sunshine is not enough. they still want to get to london. haha. though since the reason why i like to watch the series is because of its location, i am in two minds about them relocating to london.

and in this episode, they have introduced the actor who will replace him, he is ted harlon, who used to play one of the priests in father ted, a very funny tv series about priests in ireland.  i wonder how he will deal with this role as a detective who is so good at solving murder mysteries. he comes across as a scatterbrained person, but with insightful solutions to the puzzles to how the murderer did it. 

this episode is  a two parter, so everything is left in the air and we have to wait next week to find out how it turned out.

maybe for the next series they can give more action to the actors who are acting the parts of the local police force. and maybe bring in more local actors as guests…or more foreign actors , not only british ones, because after all the island must attract a lot of other foreigners, and  because i can imagine flying british actors over there might not be so easy if the zika virus story is true. and it might give more local actors a chance to get more acting experience, and  break into the big time. 




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