thoughts on actors, marriage and their children

5 Feb

london 7.09am 6.2C dry sky is allready lightening up even though it is not yet dawn. sunday 2017

still waiting for the cold weather to come. they forecast this morning will be cold, -1C. it is not , at least not here in central london. lowest we got is 5.6C. tomorrow they forecast it will be -1C , again. but dont hold your breath. haha. i for one am pleased that their forecast is out of sync with real life. i like a mild winter. though a short cold spell would be nice for nature and the plants.

i read that the actor chris marshall,who is acting the detective,  in death in paradise is saying he misses not doing the series anymore, now that the reality has struck him and he can see his replacement taking up more air time in the last two episodes.

i thought at first he got fed up doing the series, (because lets face it, that series with its formularic format do not stretch an actor;  and wants to break free so he can develop his acting career , as this kind of long time series can type cast an actor. perhaps it is partly the reason.

i think everyone would accept it if he said so instead of saying he wants more time with his family. haha. that excuse is usually given by someone who is forced to retire because of some scandal or other. but it may be his wife got fed up with him away for so long leaving her to cope with two kids on her own, whilst he enjoys himself living  a carefree bachelor life on a sunny caribbean island haha. now that reason i will believe. after all, she had put up with it for 4yrs… but i think actor’s wives must realise that they will be left to handle the children and home far more often than otherwise as even without this series forcing him to live elsewhere, if his acting career is any good, he will find himself away from home more often than not. she might be better to accept it and use his money to buy nannies, and hire a personal assistant to take care of all the mundane stuff for her and may allow her to even accompany her husband on location and keep the marriage going. 

we often hear stories from the kids of famous actors, especially if their mothers are the famous ones, of how they were neglected during their childhood. that is par for the course if u are a child of famous actors. someone should tell them as soon as they grow up that that is normal. and to realise it sooner rather than later so that they wont expect it and learn to accept it if they love their parents and allow that their parents too should be allowed to have  lives of their own. 

 it is lucky for you as a kid if you have a parent whose life is taking care of you and whose whole life revolves round you. though it can be stifling too… i think the best position to be in is to be a kid of a large family, and a mother who stays at home … that way you get all the fun of a mother who stays at home and is there all the time, whilst not being the only child where your mother thinks you too precious. your other brothers and sisters can keep her busy so much that she wont have time to interfere with your life too much. haha.

but if i were an actor i too will want to leave, and try my luck in the wide world to be given other parts to play. if nothing else it will develop my skills as an actor to tackle  more challenging parts.

being an actor or rather being famous can be a poisoned chalice. it brings to mind the news recently of kylie minogue breaking off her engagement. she was so sure of him, even saying she will take his surname, if i remember right. now just on the strength of a rumour that he is involved with another woman,  she breaks it off.

she wants a lapdog. really. not a husband. but i think that being famous makes u really a bad prospect for marriage. famous people have got so used to having it all their own way… i cannot imagine them taking a secondary role to another in a marriage. if u are famous as a woman, esp in the acting profession, you are a really strong minded person. you have to be to succeed in the acting profession, or in any career that includes performing, (like singing profession , which is another example) and a strong minded person is hardly likely to tolerate a strong partner in marriage. 

Digital StillCamera

this is the present they gave to simon by his colleagues, as he is leaving them for another department in another location. quite a nice looking toy. and it has the look of a teddy bear and that might be what makes it so popular, as it reminds people of their childhood teddy bears.


2 Responses to “thoughts on actors, marriage and their children”

  1. Sarah M Monday February 6, 2017 at 8:39 am #

    Yes I was the only child of a stay-at-home mum. I used to just wish she would find a hobby, something to interest her other than prying into what I was up to all the time.

    • alifesgayventure Monday February 6, 2017 at 8:50 am #

      i find the parents want that child to marry so that they can get grandchildren. so the pressure is there if u are an only child. what you take as prying is just them wanting to know if u got a boyfriend or what. haha. i have a gay friend who is an only son, and pressure on him is far worse. in a way, i can understand a parent’s point of view. it is a cruel trick of nature to have your only son as gay. end of bloodline and no grandchildren ever. though there is surrogacy, so that might be the answer for parents who are desperate for a grandchild.

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