diet, suger, salt

6 Feb

london 3.14pm 8.7C cloudy monday 2017

i have noticed we got a lot of these ready sauces in the flat. simon must have bought them. i noticed they have been marked down to £1 each. well, it seems the sales of these things have gone down ever since dolmio said their sauces should not be eaten more than once a week, because of their high suger and salt content.

usually when these things are reported in the newspapers, hardly anyone take notice and continue buying those things, even though they are more expensive, just because they are very convenient. but it seems the public have taken notice and reduced their buying. so much so that the manufacturers have to reduce the price.

but as a side effect it has drawn in new buyers like simon who had previously not bought them because they are so expensive. now with the reduced price, it has attracted a whole new lot of customers. but whether it will bring in the profits is another thing. it will be harder to get profits when their stuff are now selling at half price.

but maybe the public have short memories, and give it time, and the public would have forgotten all those health warnings and then they can start putting up the prices again. the convenience will be the biggest selling point.

these sauces have never attracted me because they all taste the same. now that i have simon cooking them quite often, as he got so many of them to get through haha, i notice even more strikingly than ever, how similar they taste. in the past once in a while he do it, so i tend not to notice but now when he does the meals using these bottled sauces so often, i do notice the similar taste of all of them. i dont think simon notices it. he continues to wolf it all down.  he likes the taste of suger and salt, that is why; and i bet many people are like him. suger and salt will make anyone like them, what not to like , right?

ah well, my feeling is you have to die of something i suppose, so why not suger and salt. its cheaper than cigarettes, or alcohol. or heroin, or ecstacy or god knows what else. everything is bad for you it seems. and after you are so careful with your diet, u could just be run over by a bus!! so there goes all that pious dieting. 

so i say, go on, eat all those unhealthy things but make sure u enjoy it. or else!! then when u die of it, at least u can say i was doing something i enjoy. haha. like the case of a skier being killed while skiing, and they say, at least he died doing something he enjoys. 

also, it is sometimes difficult to know how much is too much. some people can take a lot of salt or suger and not have much health effects. just as some people can smoke a lot and die of something other than due to smoking.

and dont forget u can be faithfully avoiding all these ready made sauces,and cook your own meals etc,  but if u eat a lot of cake, or desserts,and fizzy drinks , even those so called ‘healthy’ bottled fruit juices ; and even breakfast cereals, u can be taking in a lot of suger without realising it. 



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