a simple lunch

7 Feb

london 4.15pm 10.4C quite sunny actually, still quite bright. tuesday 2017

simon bought some cooking bacon and i have been using some of it in my veg dishes. yesterday i used it in a celery dish, today i got some savoy cabbage from morrisons, and did this dish. it is very tasty and makes for a simple lunch.

simon says the cooking bacon were very cheap , they were off cuts, sold even cheaper than usual, which is itself cheaper than the breakfast bacon. the breakfast bacon must be different to these cooking bacon, because if u try to fry them you cannot get them nice and crisp like the breakfast bacon. i wonder what they do to it. but for cooking with veg, they are great, as they impart a very nice flavour to the dish. 

i went to morrisons today hoping to eat some raw oysters. i saw a article in the evening standard last night saying morrisons are selling oysters at 25p each, as a run up to valentines day… but there was no such thing when i went there. no sign of oysters anywhere at all. rather disappointing that, so i entered their survey and told them so. but the article serves its purpose to get people to go to the morrisons store. it got me there , even though before seeing that article i have no intention of going. and whilst there i bought stuff from them. they were selling 4 canned tomatoes for £1. 

on the way there the bus passed a new development, near that junction with the camberwell green. there is a puregym just opened, and they were giving out  £13 a month membership. if u live near there, it is a good bargain. if it were nearer me i would be tempted.

Digital StillCamera

its a very pleasant day , the bus journey there was restful, traffic flowing well. when i was in morrisons, i saw one pack of doughnuts , 5 in the pack being sold for 50p. i was quite tempted to buy it. but decided to buy the savoy cabbage instead as i know from past experience that these sweet things are tempting but actually when u sink your teeth in them and get to eat one, the reality is not as nice as the anticipation. but the curious thing is near the bus stop to get the bus back to my place, i saw a similar pack of doughnuts , with its full complement of 5 , lying on the ground near a litter bin. the cellophane packing was broken otherwise i would take it, because if the pack is intact it is safe to eat and it would be rather wasteful to throw it away.

but it is strange to see it there. who would buy one of these , open it, and without even eating one of them, to throw the whole pack away??? i can understand if u eat one and realise they are awful, u might throw the rest away. but no matter how bad, i would have thought u might at least take them home and give it to someone else to eat, if u dont yourself want it. i just remembered that the last pack i saw on the shelf, before someone bought it have 6 doughnuts in them. even though the sign says it is 50p for 5 doughnuts, so it is quite possible, this one lying on the ground has 6doughnuts, and someone had taken one, and then thrown the rest away…

i do find these occurrences very puzzling. it is not uncommon in london to find food thrown away. but they are  unopened,so i can guess it has fallen off someone’s shopping. but this one lying on the ground is a full opened pack and that is rare, in fact it is the first time i see it happen.

it is quite common to see half eaten sandwiches or other types of takeaway food thrown away. i wonder if that is unique to london or does it happen all over the world. it does puzzle me as to why people buy these takeaway foods and then not eat them all, but part eat them instead. why do they do it?

3 Responses to “a simple lunch”

  1. Garfield Hug Tuesday February 7, 2017 at 11:18 pm #

    Perhaps the person who bought the doughtnuts whilst taking the one doughnut, accidentally dropped the rest. I have had something like that happened to me once before…slipped and the entire pack dropped with one piece in my hand.

    • alifesgayventure Wednesday February 8, 2017 at 12:59 pm #

      oh i like this suggestion. it is very likely too. these doughnuts are not rings with holes in them. they got jam or custard fillings. it is sickening sweet. but i doubt they are thrown away because they are too sweet.

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