what will the world be like in 2050.

8 Feb

london 1pm 5.3C cloudy. wednesday 2017

this report of what the world will be like in 2050 gives some surprises. to me anyway. who would have thought indonesia would be number 4. hard to believe right? india to beat usa to be number 2. i wonder whether their huge populations may be the reason for such high growth. china did it first, you can really supercharge your economy when u got 1 billion people in it. but it seems china has run out of steam, in that it is settling down to be like a developed country by 2050. but still so huge it retains its number 1 slot. but remember , its young will be old by 2050 and they will have problems like the west is having now to fund and look after an ageing population.

 whilst india still have a long way to go before its huge population, most of them very young, comes into full fruition. indonesia too have a large population, and very young people mostly. so it looks like those countries with young growing population will fuel the world’s growth in future. or so these soothsayers will have us believe.

but what about the other trend, machines taking over many functions now done by people… might that knock all this assumption of man power on its head and the developed countries like usa will surprise us when it confound all these soothsayers who just extrapolate from gdp growth and assume it will continue in its upward trajectory. technology might turn out to be the joker in the pack.

i wonder if come 2050 indonesia, phillipines, india, may turn out to be centres of age care, and health care for the elderly people in the other developed nations.

one thing though, the us$ will gradually devalue and that means just by currency exchange alone, the socalled E7 economies can leapfrog usa as everything uses the us$ as a benchmark. if that benchmark is moving downwards, isn’t it like trying to chase a moving goal post? of course when 2050 comes if i survive i will be 99 yrs old. haha. i doubt i shall be interested in the world economy haha. that is if i am still alive.

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