a good word for celebration

12 Feb

london 4.53pm 4.4C cloudy sunday 2017

rather nice of sainsburys to give us all a bit of light relief, with this gift for valentine’s day.

i think i can see how these marketting ploys can make it useful for people to find things to do and make their lives filled with something to celebrate. hence we have this coming valentine day for lovers; other countries might fill it with saint’s days so make it link to a religious figure, and it might be practically every month has some saints to commemorate and so an excuse to feast or run up a procession. it punctuates the existence of their lives with celebration. and it allows each month to be sprinkled with special days that lifts them above the normal.

its quite a good ploy to mark a special day and make life for everyone a bit more interesting. anniversaries are another way to make a day special. food days are also another ploy. like the coming pancake day. it is joined up with a religious day, called shrove tuesday. its the day before the start of lent. and it has shades of mardi gras. (fat tuesday) . maybe in other countries it is called mardi gras. who knows really. but both celebrates the last day u can feast and indulge yourself before lent brings in fasting etc. you might call it the christian equivalent of ramadan. but it does make for variety in the year, breaking it from being just day in and day out of monotonous existence for people.

if it gets people buying and consuming, so much the better for the economy and the merchants. its a good excuse to persuade people to consume. and consumption is the bed rock of our economy really. it literally makes the world go round.

for eg,i see on the tv, lidl advertising 12 roses for £3. at this time of year , roses are not in season, and no one normally would be buying them. but hey, we have a day when it is nice to give it to a loved one and though spending £3 wont break the bank for an individual, but when these individuals add up to many, many doing it,  it can be a life saver for the florists and people involved in their production and their livelihood. it may well sustain a large proportion of their families and relations and friends that get the bounty that spreads from it.

sigh, it is just having something to do. really. it kinds of reinforces for me my theory that life is just trying to amuse yourself and find something to do in that interval between being born and dying. being alive and coming into existence really is the only thing. it is so amazing, many dont realise it. life is amazing. just being born and having life is the pinnacle of life. after that it is all downhill really… haha. in a manner of speaking. by that i mean nothing else to do after that but  just spend it enjoying it from then on.

it is 11.07pm 6.3C now. this post has taken that long to write, because i went to bed and slept in between. haha. 


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