a good sleep is just very wonderful

13 Feb

london 9.44pm 5.9C dry monday 2017

i am really glad i could sleep whenever i feel sleepy. its not something that many would think a great freedom to have. but i have a think and realise it is wonderful to sleep whenever i like, and then wake up at any time of the day or night, and just potter around doing what i fancy until it is time for me to feel sleepy again and just go off to bed. and all this without regard to what time it is.

it is a luxury that not many people are aware of. many might not even consider it a luxury that they can have.

throughout our lives, most of us have to work, and it is more often than not that we dont get enough sleep and have to wake up in the mornings when we would like to sleep some more, and then when we get back, we dare not take a nap for fear that it keeps us awake long into the night, and then when we get so exhausted and fall asleep it is only to be woken up by the alarm with not enough sleep . many resort to taking sleeping tablets just so they can sleep when they think it is the time to sleep. and i think the tablets makes it worse, as it is not natural sleep, they wake up with headaches and feel worse than before. when by rights you should feel very refreshed after a sleep. that is the measure of a good sleep. 

there is a lot to be said for this time in my life that i can sleep whenever i feel sleepy. 


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