how was your valentine’s day?

14 Feb

london 12.13pm 7C sunny tuesday 2017

6.16pm 10.8C

i see today fresh oysters will be 25p each in morrisons. i wonder if there will be anyone blogging about their experience of it. i will not be one of them, unfortunately. i dont crave oysters that much. we chinese like our oysters cooked i think. so eating it raw is not traditional for us chinese. though eating raw oysters  is traditional for the british. which is unusual, when u consider the british are not well known for liking anything that is eaten raw. so how come they like raw oysters then? that is a big puzzle for me. we all have seen enough of westerners making faces when asked to eat sashimi, and those are not slimy looking fishes. but oysters, u can see them shiver and shake and know they are alive when u eat them raw. so how come these britishers can happily swallow these without any qualms at all, hey?

i have to meet with some chinese and westerners who used to belong to an old east-west club that is now extinct, ( it is a get together of old members).

that is why i dont have the time to get to a morrisons, to try out the oysters. otherwise i might go to the morrisons and just try to eat one of those raw oysters.

the whole meetup of our group  is quite nostalgic , meeting these chinese guys who i have not seen before, even though we were the members of that club in its heyday… some of them are still working. not all are retired like me. and there were the western members too. now we all talk of our health … or at least health problems comes in at one point. it is inevitable really. that comes with being old i suppose. this is valentines day and here we are old folks doing a social and reminiscing about the past.

i wonder if any of us would have preferred sitting with a romantic partner having a private romantic meal instead. not me actually. i would find it too tiring to be going through a long meal, and if the main idea is a sexual liaison, the meal would be a distraction and gets in the way. might be better to cut to the chase as it were. but then of course it is not very romantic. 

it was nevertheless quite enjoyable this social gathering. and coming back i took a detour through chinatown, popped into the new loon moon grocery store to see if they have any special offers. (just 10p instant noodles) than looked at the chinese cake shops and restaurant front windows with their hanging meats, and took a peek at the customers eating in the front window along gerrard st, cut across the street  to take a quick look at the wong kei restaurant front window to see their menu, what their prices are like, (£5.80 for their single person dishes. my favourite and good value for money is their braised shin beef over rice.)

got a text from a friend who was  at the meetup  who left earlier , telling me victoria station toilets are free. text him back to say it has been free for some time, also that the charing cross toilets are free too.

came back to find that simon has come back from his mother’s, and has cooked kedgeree. rather nice. 




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