in search of milk powder, roast chicken

16 Feb

london 3.25pm 9.9C sunny thursday 2017

its a nice morning out there.

i have been hopping on and off the bus earlier this morning, getting to the supermarkets, as i wanted to buy milk powder. i am down to my last pack. it was a sainsbury basic milk powder 500mg for £1.40 but when i went to the same store where i bought it , the nine elms branch, there was none to be had. i mean to say i could not find  that basic sainsbury brand. there are lots of other more expensive branded milk powder of course. but i dont want to encourage them by buying them. haha. not just yet anyway, as i still got a pack to finish. so i am not desperate for it. 

i do hope sainsburys have not stopped producing it. i fear so. ah well, it seems to be a product that our brexit has caused to be shafted. perhaps they can source milk powder from other countries, other than the EU. surely australia must produced cheaper milk powder. i remember reading an article that says the chinese go there to buy loads of cheaper milk powder to bring back to china. perhaps it was during the baby milk scandal. ah well, i dont use that much for it to be a big saving. so even if i have to buy more expensive milk powder from now on, it wont break the bank. haha. in the meanwhile i shall be looking at every branch of sainsburys i can find looking for this basic milk powder…

chicken fortunately is still good value, i got one from asda, £1.99/kg, and it is now roasting in my oven. roast chicken now and then is really delicious. and today i fancy some of it. i got pork too, @£2.69/kg. this lot cost me £7.71. and it will keep me in meat for more than a month. i have 3 packs of pork freezing in the fridge now.

 sometimes i wonder why i hear or read of old folks finding it hard to make ends meet. and having to decide to eat or to heat. its very cheap to eat when u cook it yourself. i wonder what they are buying that is so expensive. ready made foods i dare say. i think anyone who says they have to eat or heat, is doing something wrong. but i dare say no one wants to say so to them.

you dont want to come across as a scolding type. haha. esp when these are old people and should know and you dont want to act like you are teaching your grandmother to suck eggs. 

sometimes i think younger people dare not tell an old fart to just learn and take advise and not be such a stubborn old fool. well i am an old fart myself, so i can say this to them, so there! and be allowed to do so, seeing i am an old fart myself.  it takes an old fart to know what an old fart can be like. there is no fool like an old fool.  really. there are plenty of old fools who wont listen and learn. they think they know it all… or are so stubborn in their old ways they just wont change. having said all that, i have to admit i can be an old fool too. i am guilty of the same thing as these old fools that i am castigating. sigh, i know… i have noticed old age can make a fool out of a person who used to be very clever when they are young. old age is a terror. 

4.38pm 11.2C cloudy . its clouded over . i have eaten that dish , quite delicious even though i say it myself. and simon returned from work just in time to have some. so that saved him having to cook the noodles that he bought. roast chicken must be the easiest to cook. and there is minimum preparation needed. just season the chicken and that is it. put everything in the oven and let it cook. whilst u sit back and enjoy a coffee. haha. and afterwards you can have tea, like i did. 

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