blue plaques

18 Feb

london 1.45pm 10c sunny saturday 2017

such a pleasant day so mild. my friend , who lives in florida, has come to visit uk. he intends to stay about 2months or so. he is a brit who have gone to usa for the work opportunities. he has been there many years. he went in the 80s i think.

he tells me he is thinking of relocating back to the uk. i ask him why and he said he has discovered his old school friends, and found that they are such a close knit group… they keep in touch with each other after all these years. and after finding them, he says he has formed a close attachment to them…and he says he is now beginning to appreciate having a group of close friends to be around . he says they all get his jokes. haha. and he says he can laugh so much his belly aches, from these shared jokes with them.  whilst in usa none of his friends get his. and he dont get american jokes either. haha. 

i ask what about usa, surely he has friends there, but he says it has dwindled to a handful now and they have a lot of health problems even though they are younger than he.  and he lives in quite an isolated part of florida and so dont have much chance to meet new ones.

he lives inland , not near the sea. most of us know florida as a sunshine state with great beaches and a seafront lifestyle. but it has a lot of places that are far from the sea.

but this morning i was out and about, and heading to the library and on the way back waiting for the bus i saw this plaque on a building just by the bus stop. i have used this bus stop countless times, but not really paid much attention to this plaque.

it commemorates wilkie collins. i daresay the house he was born in has long been torn down to be replaced by this block of flats. it is unusual that it is a place where he was born. most of these plaques just commemorate a short time in their lives when they live here. collins must come from a well to do family if he has a family home in central london. its on new cavendish st, near the bbc building.

this post gives an idea of what the building has become over the years. i got it via a post  about him. the buildings next to the one with the plaque show very nice substantial houses which existed at the time of his birth. gives u an idea of the kind of house he was born in .


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