observations in london

19 Feb

london 11.39am 10.3C cloudy sunday 2017

yesterday i was on the way to a meetup of malaysians, and went past a bus stop near holborn and saw a long line of people queueing on both sides of a door into a building. i was wondering what the attraction was, but there was no sign or anything to tell me what they were queueing for. later, when i got back, i read in a blog someone who also met a queue in their wanderings about town wrote about it, but knew it was london fashion week and that was what the queue was all about.

in the queue i saw it was all young people wearing black. one would have thought they would have taken out their glad rags and be dressed to the nines; but not at all. actually come to think of it i dont know why i expected them all to be stylishly dressed. after all, it wont do for the audience to be better dressed, and/or wearing other designers’ clothes than the clothes they have come to see as worn on the catwalk.haha.

 there was just one chinese guy with a top knot. he had short back and sides but the top was kept long and tied with a rubber band. i have seen this style in some men so perhaps it is the hippy style of the moment. its the kind of style worn by men in kurosawa’s films of old japan.

the meetup went well, first time i knew of this malaysian meetup group, and it was really nice to be able to meet fellow malaysians.

we met at the wellcome reading room in euston road. it was supposed to be a quiet read and then we would talk about it and other things at the coffee shop there. as well as get to know each other, or so i hope. haha. 

it was very busy with some kind of live exhibition downstairs in the main lobby with 3 hospital beds with volunteers lying on it, and rubber gloves thrown in the centre of the stairwell, and a metal statue of a man hanging upside down from the ceiling.  i miss the sign saying what it was all about. the coffee shop on the main floor was very busy too, but we managed to get a table to sit together. one of the ladies told us of the book she was reading about social intelligence. as opposed to emotional intelligence. how a person can give the wrong impression by his actions and words or behaviour… i thought that is worth a read.

she mentioned one incident in the book where a group of soldiers approached locals and made the locals reacte with fear and aggression, until the leader realised the situation was critical and he immediately ordered his men to all kneel and invert their guns to point down and rest it upright on the ground, and ordered them to smile…that immediately defused the situation.added. i found the book by googling. here is an excerpt from the book relating that incident she mentioned.social intelligence by daniel goleman. he was the one who wrote a previous book about emotional intelligence.

i thought of back in my time in malaysia when malaysians meet we all have  questions for each other, and eager to find out about each other. it is only when i came to uk, that i realised the westerners consider it prying and intrusive the questions we asked of each other. to us it is just being curious about a person and wanting to know more of them. but we have read from westerners how they are taken aback when asked straight away by strangers about whether they are married, or what job they have, or even how much they earn… all of which to them is very intrusive and some even said rude. i wonder if that is some kind of social intelligence that we should be aware of , in that not everyone are so easy about telling these things to strangers. but growing up in malaysia, i have never felt it awkward about these things, and telling more besides… it seems normal to me, because in my time, we do it all the time, and think nothing of it. it is to us part of normal conversation. but i noticed now, even malaysians are wary now, about giving too much information to strangers. there is a reserve now not to give too much away of personal information. 


i hope to get to more of these meetups. some ask if we want to go to a london school of economics (lse )malaysian night that they were going to afterwards, seems there is food. haha. nasi lemak. i hope to find out whether it is as good as it sounds. haha. 




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