why go into a macdonalds to buy salad?

24 Feb

london 5.18am 7.6C friday 2017 dry night.

i got woken up just now by simon coughing, he looks like he is coming down with something. then he was able to go back to sleep, whilst i could not. so i decided to get online and browse the internet instead. and read this interesting article in the daily mail about a book, how things become popular by derek thompson. with quotes like this…

why do we go into a macdonalds wanting to order a salad but end up ordering a double cheeseburger instead?

or i like it because it is popular, i hate it because it is popular, referring to fashion. ( and they end up wearing the same clothes as another in a function. haha)

‘the tension between neophilia and neophobia’. Neophilia is the liking of new things, neophobia the fear or dislike of them, and both come into play when you are launching any product. As Thompson rather pithily puts it: ‘Many people crave new products, ideas and stories, provided that they are just like the products, ideas and stories they already know.’

its an interesting book i shall keep an eye out for it in the library. it does not offer a solution, it seems. 

what is your reason for that macdonald behaviour? my opinion is that i dont think it is value for money to pay for a salad. somehow i get a feeling that a hamburger is better value for money. you can buy one with chips for £1.99 , with one of those free vouchers that u can find in any metro newspaper. i dont think it is worth it to pay that money for a salad. (come to think of it, i dont even want to buy the hamburger, so i dont think it is worth it to buy it even at that price…am i confused or what?!! haha .i think if i were travelling and cannot cook, i will be tempted to get a hamburger for that price.)

for one thing, it is very easy to make a salad yourself, it takes no skill at all… whilst it does take a lot of effort to make a hamburger. also, i dont think many people actually go into a macdonald to buy a salad. if they are vegetarian they would not want to set foot inside a macdonalds at all and will order their salad in a vegetarian place. after all, if u are a vegetarian you want people to know it and your credibility will be destroyed if they see u inside a macdonalds.

so that question may not be quite true, not many go into a macdonalds to buy a salad only. in fact, he should ask why does anyone go to a macdonald to order a salad? haha. so maybe the book is full of questions that no one asks really. haha. 

another tidbit of news i see is the headline result of the by election. with the conservatives taking copeland. (its in the lake district)and labour retaining  stoke.  it is the first time in 35yrs that a party in govt has taken an opposition seat in a by election.  that is historic indeed. and it also is bad news for UKIP. even with all the things in its favour,( the labour candidate who won is a ardent remainer , in a place which have voted for brexit), it still cannot capture stoke. 

added 10.35am 7.3C sunny . i went back to sleep and just woke up again. and reading my post i was extremely impressed with wikipedia. i noticed they have immediately updated their entry about copeland and stoke with the new MPs, that were just elected earlier this morning. 

3 Responses to “why go into a macdonalds to buy salad?”

  1. Sarah M Monday February 27, 2017 at 3:46 am #

    It’s a girl thing. We go into MD because we go with a boy and then we order salad, because we’re a girl 🙂

    • alifesgayventure Monday February 27, 2017 at 8:25 am #

      goodness! well i never!! haha. i suppose i should not ask why? haha. another of those mysteries of the female of the species.

      • Sarah M Monday February 27, 2017 at 8:37 am #

        Well I don’t do it these days. If a man wants to go to MD he’s on his own. But I was a lot more compliant when I was younger

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