msg, airports. capitalism

27 Feb

london 7.26pm 7.4c rain monday 2017

rather interesting tv program i have just seen about heathrow using passengers as captive customers by getting them to shop in the airport. seems to me it is the only way to get the modern up to date facillities that heathrow has. it might not seem fair to the passengers, but then they are the cash cows aren’t they.

if they want the service of a airport and be able to fly all over the place with ease, then they must pay for it. so i dont really think it a bad thing at all. i dont know what the program hope to achieve. are they saying it is bad, and so the govt should change it? it wont work because we have seen airports closing down in other countries because they just dont make money to allow them to continue in operation.

so are they saying the govt should subsidise it? not sure about that, because you are going to subsidise a group of travellers who are quite priviledge, people who can afford to fly. they are not poor. that is for sure. i say lets tax them and screw them for all we can get. haha. i used to be a air traveller myself, and i do know we are a very priviledge group of people. i dont expect the tax payer to subsidise my jaunting and gallivanting all over the world. perhaps not everyone agrees with me? anyone? 

following from that tv program came a food program and in it they are investigating why in uk msg (monosodium glutamate) is the bad boy, but in thailand, they have it everywhere and in fact welcomes it, as it makes the food delicious. so how come? why here in uk is this attitude that msg is bad for you, but in and perhaps everywhere else in asia, or middle east or china, india,phillipines,etc, people are more laid back about it and recognise it as just another  extra factor in cooking to get the umami effect. it seems it is  natural and u get it through mum’s breast milk. cheeses have high glutamate, potatoes and peas have some glutamate too.

and the program mentioned that stock cubes and dried noodles have msg. (but not all of them , maybe?. i had a look at the knorr chicken stock cube that simon bought, and it says no added msg… of course the operative word is added… it is curious that they use that word. why not just say no msg?unless, it occurs naturally and they have got it as a natural product in one of their ingredients.)

 it seems the consensus is msg is safe to eat. yet we hear of people dying from it. is that a false news?  this report says glutamate is low in toxicity and it is safe to eat. talking of this makes me hungry so i decided to cook that instant noodle. and i read the ingredients list, and sure enough it has got flavour enhancers, and that is monosodium glutamate. i knew it! something that tastes so good has got to have it. haha. it was very quick to eat the noodles, and it leaves me wanting more, but not more noodles. something else . that is the trouble with these food programs, they make you think of food and want to eat. ah well, it might be i am hungry. i dont recall i was affected like this in the past. i am usually very good at detecting these hidden messages. but i guess, even if u know they are hidden messages , you still can not resist it.

a nice report of glutamate which asks if msg is so bad for you, why doesn’t everyone in asia have a headache?



2 Responses to “msg, airports. capitalism”

  1. Sarah M Tuesday February 28, 2017 at 11:25 am #

    The Guardian piece about MSG is interesting. I always had headaches in China and blamed the MSG. I think another woman said she was allergic to it and I thought ‘oh I must be too’. But MSG is in a lot of processed food so really the headaches could have been down to pollution, the crap job or any of the many irritations about life in China.

    • alifesgayventure Tuesday February 28, 2017 at 12:11 pm #

      we malaysians have been eating msg all our lives, all hawker foods have it. and i dont hear anyone saying they got those symptoms like numbing etc.

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