finders is not keepers

2 Mar

london 1.50pm 10.6C sunny thursday 2017

i have always thought finders is keepers. so if u find money you can keep it. but it seems that is not so. this lady got fined for taking a £20 note that she found lying on the floor in a supermarket. and the law says finders is not keepers. many of us have found money and kept it… we have all been breaking the law. 

perhaps it depands on where u find it. if u find it on the street, or in a telephone booth, maybe u can keep it, because it must be difficult to find the owner who had dropped it. but in a supermarket , the cameras will find you. haha.

though i wonder how easy it is to find the person who has taken the change from the self service… it is very easy to forget to take the change, and when u go back to ask for it, it might not be that easy to find the person who came after you, nor to prove that person had taken it… ah well, another of those pitfalls of living in the modern world, as opposed to living in primitive times, when all you have to worry about is not get eaten by some ferocious hungry beast when you are drinking from the stream, or waterhole. haha. 

i had a interesting thing happen to me just now. i consider it my soul not wanting me to experience it.

i was on the bus coming back from shopping. it was the 87. coming into vauxhall bus station, i saw the 88 at the same bus stop,  in front of my bus;  and on the spur of the moment decided to jump off and catch that. because it stops just outside my flat, whilst this 87 stop far from it.  well i did that but when i enter the bus 88, i saw three people only , and no one else. and as soon as i boarded it, one of them said this bus is not going anywhere. it looks like one of the passengers is the cause of it. they were chatting to him. so i skipped out and was not sure i should jump back onto the 87 i had just left. it was still waiting there with its door open; so i decided to jump back, and told the driver the other bus is not going anywhere. he did not say anything and allowed me to get on board without insisting i log onto the reader with my bus pass. it is free for me anyway. so i went upstairs where i have been before and this time chose a seat at the back. then i noticed i have not got my backpack , and realised  i have forgotten it when i left the bus earlier. so i went back to the front, hoping to find and saw it was not on the front seat. i saw it on the seat behind it. i had earlier sat on that seat and changed to the front seat. so it looks like i have forgotten that backpack much earlier…

i was very relieved to get it back… but it makes me realise my soul has certainly made sure i find it and not make me lose it. … i know i have always wanted a easy life, and it seems my soul has taken that on board and made sure i do. well thank you to my soul. haha. i know other people have difficult problems , losing things, etc, and i used to say to them, your soul wants to make your life difficult. i think that is very true, i have often scolded my soul when these things happen to me, and i think it has taken on board what i want and is now behaving itself.

Digital StillCamera

there was nothing valuable there, even the camera that is always in there, i had earlier taken out to take a picture and put it in my hoodie . but i like that backpack and would have been really miffed if i have lost it. but i do think i am glad my soul does not want to make my life difficult. for that i give it many thanks. 

3 Responses to “finders is not keepers”

  1. Garfield Hug Thursday March 2, 2017 at 4:15 pm #

    Yes, finders is not keepers for money. Same law applies here too. Glad your backpack was found 😊

    • alifesgayventure Thursday March 2, 2017 at 4:20 pm #

      is that law also the same in singapore? how long ago did i know of it? i only know of it from this case. it is a strange law isn’t it? i suppose it is to stop a person stealing that money and then drop it and pretend to find it later. what about things? for eg, someone finds my backpack and takes it. is that stealing. and what if there is money in my bag. is that stealing? or if i find a bag, with money in it, is it stealing?

      • Garfield Hug Thursday March 2, 2017 at 4:22 pm #

        Law has been in Singapore since colonial days it seems. Same constitutional law. Money laundering, big sums or small sums…all wrong to keep. But honestly if someone picks up $2 or $0.10, they keep it. No one seeks it. It is the bigger sums.

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