fake news

4 Mar

london 10.59am 10.5C very sunny, light streaming in through my window. first time i noticed it this year. saturday 2017

we are all familiar with fake news. i saw an eg of it just now. it is a dailymail article mentioning wikipedia have banned the newspaper on the grounds that it is not a reliable newspaper. all on the sayso of a small number of people. hmm, it reminds me that wikipedia is not to be trusted. even though in an earlier post i have praised it for uploading the new info of the byelection results of stoke and copeland. i guess anyone can edit the info, that explains why new info is so quickly entered. but by that same token, anyone can put in false info. either to mislead or to make a joke.

the article also mentioned wiki is rich, yet only recently i saw a constant reminder to anyone who clicks on it to contribute money … when i saw those reminders i too thought they are in need of money. and it did seem reasonable to solicit for money as their website is free to use. but the dailymail article says 

Perhaps it has something to hide. After all, financial papers filed by the Foundation show that, for an organisation that calls itself a ‘small non-profit’ business and begs users for donations (‘the price of a cup of coffee’) to keep it afloat, it enjoys bulging cash reserves.


The Foundation’s accounts show it has assets of more than $90 million (£73 million), and spent $31 million (£25 million) in salaries last year, up from $26 million (£21 million) the year before.


Since the same documents state that it employs 280 members of staff and contractors, their average salary appears to be more than $110,000 (£90,000).

Meanwhile, the Foundation’s last tax return showed that its former executive director, Lila Tretikov, earned $308,149 (£251,000), plus another $18,213 (£15,000) in ‘other’ compensation, while former boss Sue Gardner was on roughly the same.

there was a debate asking has the internet make us more creative? it looks like it has made a lot of people creative with the truth.

anyone can post their opinion, that is the trouble. and with the same facts, two people can come to two different and opposite opinions.

in fact when u see that someone who is born male, with all the male genital equipment can think they are female in spite of the facts to the contrary and which they can see every time they pee… what hope is there that anyone can use logic to come to decisions.

i think when the teaching of logic was not made compulsory in schools, we lost some sense of perspective. people lost the ability to look at facts and come to logical conclusions. they also lost the ability to assess how correct is someone else’s conclusions are in relation to the same facts. 

 so if that can happen how much more easy to have all sorts of opinions that dont seem to be based logically on  facts of things and events that one read about. logic seem not to matter at all.


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