i wonder why rich people ski

7 Mar

london 11.14am 9.1C sunny tuesday 2017

its a sunny morning again. though enjoy it quick, because like yesterday it might not last. it makes it more precious.

anyway i saw this headline saying 30 british skiers buried in an avalanche added, no casualties fortunately

and , completely unrelated to the accident, it just prompted the thought in me that is all… after all i have no idea whether all 30 skiers are rich or not… 

but not for the first time, it occurred to me to ask a rhetorical question…why rich people like to go skiing, when it is such a dangerous sport. you would think rich people have a great incentive to make sure they stay alive for as long as they can. so why take up a sport that is so dangerous?

if u ask why do u assume all those who take up skiing are rich, you dont know much about skiing… haha. even me who dont know much about it, knows that u need to be well to do if u want to go skiing in these european resorts.

of course if u are poor u can go, but as one of the staff who cater to these rich people and do the skiing when u can sneak off from your duties. but these people cannot be the majority who go to these ski resorts , right? or who would be paying for maintaining these resorts! unless and this is a thought , u dont need many of these rich guests, because they are charged so much a few only is enough to make the profit allready. and the rest of the poor can come and be day trippers… enjoy the mountain skiing, for free. oh they still have to pay for the ski lift up to the mountain.

but regardless of how many poor people go skiing, my question why do the rich do so, still stands… why even take up the sport. why even introduce your children to it in the first place. all those parents who are clucking over their kids and wont even let them walk to school alone, and here they are bringing them to a ski resort and let them ski down a slippery slope on their own…where the risk of falling is very high… and they dont mind… oh maybe they can fall, but the risk of hurting themselves on the soft snow is low… 

we have heard of this racing driver who hit a rock whilst skiing and is now in a coma. then i recall an actress, who was from a famous acting family, died when she hit her head and did not go to a hospital to be monitored and died. perhaps they are isolated incident only notable because they are famous. perhaps statistically not many rich people die from skiing. 

perhaps we humans all like the thrill of danger. even rich people. after all many have died in an accident involving porsche car. that car is a death trap, it seems. but they still buy it. maybe it still have its racing car origins and so built for speed that an inexperienced driver can lose control of it very easily without realising it. 

in the end, i guess, even if u are rich, you are still a human being, you still have to live your life. being rich is merely an extra factor that luck or circumstances have given you. you are still a risk taker, like most humans.

but i still maintain skiing is one sport that is too dangerous for my liking… and not a sport i would deliberately introduce or encourage others to take up… no matter how thrilling it is. 

2 Responses to “i wonder why rich people ski”

  1. Sarah M Wednesday March 8, 2017 at 7:21 am #

    Isn’t it the theory that people who are greater risk-takers are more likely to be wealthy, since they use this risk- taking in the business world as well? Like Richard Branson?

    • alifesgayventure Wednesday March 8, 2017 at 8:06 am #

      very true, but their risk taking does not involve them getting killed. haha. a big difference dont you think? many of them use other people’s money , or at least if they are clever, rather than their own, so even the risk they take is with other people’s money.

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