ordinary life

8 Mar

london 11.30am 12.8C cloudy bright wednesday 2017

1.38pm 14C rain.

12.2C 8.57pm rain

perhaps if i am on facebook i would know what others get up to, and what they are doing today.

i am sure most days are uneventful and not worth talking about.

so maybe they read the news and get bothered with what they read and then write about it. yes! commenting on the silly things that people get up to or disasters that happen to certain people , or sex scandals, would make for a lot of column inches.

and we can always talk of the weather. 

today is the budget, when u are retired a lot of it is not relevant. roaming charges when u are overseas will start to attract VAT, that means 20% extra. but when everyone chats on whatsapp, it does not seem that horrible. its free on whatsapp, so who cares if VAT is charged. personally i would impose a huge markup on people using their mobile phones to call others when they are overseas. there is really no need to talk that sending an email wont serve the same purpose. 

i do like reading of the mundane things that others get up to, i find it restful to read about it, compare it to my day, and get a huge amount of pleasure nosying into their lives. haha. wish there are more of those kind of blogs. 

my friend from america has come back from his visit to manchester. he tells me his friend there from university undergraduate days, who he has not met before and lost touch with till recently; was able to trace his irish ancestry, and even managed to trek his grandmother who was irish, and able to find the parish where she was married.

it seems she is presbyterian, rather unusual i would have thought in a mainly catholic republic of ireland. anyway he is going there later this month, taking a bus from victoria coach station here in london  that will include a ferry trip, all for £42 return.  and he tells me the parish priest is going to meet him and introduce him to his mother’s descendants who still live in that village. he is going to get a copy of the marriage certificate so he can apply for irish citizenship. it seems amazing to me that there are still descendants of his grandmother still there, and known by people. it seems like digging out  fossils . haha. except these are living people.



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