food in the borough market.

10 Mar

london 3.13pm 12.2 cloudy friday 2917

i was hoping to see the food demonstration at borough market this afternoon by a chap , miguel barclay who is going to publicise his book which makes dishes for £1, and he was giving a demonstration of it in the market. but i went too late i think. when i got there he was no where to be seen. so i guess he must have finished. some recipes from him.

it did give me a chance to see the market. i heard so much about it, with people saying it is a foodies’ paradise. 

the one with the two guys cooking, that is very tempting, they were cooking prawns and fish and selling it wrapped in a taco for £6. u can see part of a group of chinese people enjoying eating his food in the background. and the other pics show malaysian curry, and paella. 

saw quite alot of chinese people there. it was around 2pm, so the bulk of the office workers have gone.

not a lot of places to sit, so people were eating  standing up or sitting on the pavement. there was a stall selling pulled pork in a bun, and another even alligator meat in a bun. it is a novelty item, cant say i am tempted to eat alligator. i thought it might be tough , but of course it is all shredded so u dont really need to chew much. like the goat meat, it is shredded. or what they call ‘pulled’. they all cost £6. pulled meat seems to be the rage now. or rather they are realising it is a quick way of making hamburger- like takeaway fast food. usually it is pulled pork. its very easy to do. i hear if u go later in the day when they are closing, u can get these for half price. 

it is fortunate that i ate my lunch earlier, so did not feel hungry. i did  a stir fry noodle. so quick to do and so nice to eat. i got to the stage now that i can cook these dishes well enough to prefer it to buying it.

i must say i miss the food court that we get in malaysia, or singapore, where all kinds of foods from india, or china, or thailand, as well as malaysian foods from all the different races, can be bought and eaten in the same place. those were in the old days when i was growing up there, where all the races cook under the same of course we have separate places for malay foods, because they are halal and they dont want to mix with the others. 

food nowadays are broken down into separate categories , gluten free, meat free ie vegetarian and itself broken down into vegan, and god knows what else. its so compartmentalised. its taken the fun out of eating out.

but nevermind, there are other things that are new that we dont have when growing up.

perhaps when we are young we never bother about calories or getting fat, or eating lard being unhealthy. we just enjoy it , but now maybe the curse of getting old is that u have to start thinking of healthy eating. so i think even if i am back in malaysia now, i still wont be able to eat with abandon and carefree ness, like in the days of my youth. haha. 





2 Responses to “food in the borough market.”

  1. Garfield Hug Saturday March 11, 2017 at 12:10 pm #

    Vibrant hive of activity! Nice!

    • alifesgayventure Saturday March 11, 2017 at 1:03 pm #

      the tourists like it, because it is central and sanitised. i prefer the rougher local markets frequented by locals. it is not so tidy, but a lot more fun to see , not to mention the prices are lower too.

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