spring seems to be here.

13 Mar

london 5.12pm 14.3C sunny . its the highest temp today. monday 2017

its a very pleasant day, blue sky and sunny all day. a good day to sit out in the sun and enjoy the vit D being made by the body. but i have so gotten into the habit of not doing it, that i did not sit out in the sun today. habits die hard.

i was in the bus to brixton, as i have run out of ginger and so went there to buy some. and the only sun i got is the one streaming in through the huge glass window in the front on the top deck.

coming back i thought of making a pot of tea and bring it outside to the courtyard and sit there drinking it. and just have some quiet time where i dont do anything but sit there with the sun full on me and just soak it up. but somehow when i got into the flat, i got distracted which happens to me a lot and my good intentions just flies out of the window. and i stay in and potter around.

i am hoping that the sun stays out for the rest of the month, so i gradually get to break the habit of staying in. its been so long since i sit out in the sun just doing nothing but enjoy the sun on me. i am talking of years here… i have to resort to seeking to stand in the unshaded part near the bus stop, so that i can get some sun whilst waiting for the bus, or walk on the sunny side of the street when i am walking about just to be able to get some vit D.

but definitely there are all the signs that the weather is becoming spring like now. it is rather fun these changing seasons. one of the joys of living here. 

added. today is holi, celebrated by hindus, but malaysia dont celebrate it much. that is why i am not familiar with it. here in london, all festivals are celebrated and so there is a place which have an organised celebration, where they throw the coloured water, or powder. u have to buy a ticket to join. i guess just as well, as not everyone enjoys being splattered with coloured powder (or water… or have i confused it with the thai new year celebration?)   when they are just minding their own business or just walking about in london. 

added 7.32pm 14.2C night . i have noticed a new format for writing the post. it says a lot for the new layout that it was seamless with the old format, and very intuitive, so that it was easy to use it, things were clearly signposted and the old functions were easily spotted. i was able to find out all the new changes even before i read the post by the wordpress people about it. so that is a huge plus. there were none of that hiatus and confusion and frustration when u cannot find those buttons u used to find so easily. haha. so i would say this change has been very well done. congrats guys. not often we can say it but this one deserves an accolade.


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