council tax bill 2017-18

15 Mar

london 2.18pm 14.7C sunny wednesday 2017

2.59pm 15.2C

it came today in the post. we know allready it will increase, because of the cost of old folks care. my flat is in band D. 

 for us here in westminster , the adult social care precept  has added 2% to the bill. £15.41 a year. 

the city of westminster cost has gone up 1.9% to £392.71.

the greater london authority (which pays for the mayor of london and his costs) gone up 1.5% to £280.02.

overall the cost of council tax for 2017-18 gone up 2.9% to £688.14.  

last year it was £668.20

we are fortunate that here in westminster, with some of the highest cost of residential property in the land, our council tax is really very low. we get to pay it in installments of 10months. it is about £69 a month. the first installment will be collected next month , april.

generally april is a big spending month, what with water bill, now this council tax, and i am waiting for the annual service charge invoice to come soon with its half yearly assessment to be paid. and i got a letter from the estate  management saying they will now include installment plans for major works that are coming. something like £4000 for a new water tank for our block, and another £2000 for something else which i forgot. these things do need doing and will cost, but hopefully they will not cost over the estimate, and they would spread out payment over a long period. before we used to have to pay up when the work is done. all in one lump sum. so now spreading it out will be good, i think.

now those who are thrifty and saved up for it, will not be caught on the hop. all those who are thrifty can pat themselves on the back. this is the reward for all that saving and leading a thrifty life. haha. 

added. 5.51pm it seems kew gardens hit 18.8C today, so today is the highest hit this year. but of course, it is not saying much because 18C is not very hot. you can sit out in the sun in that kind of temperature and u wont burn that much. here in my part of london, i see the weather website went up to 15.9C max. 



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