fresh milk

17 Mar

london 7.54am 9.3C sunny. friday 2017

how quick milk goes off. i bought two 4litre fresh organic full cream milk about 3days ago. 3 of us managed to finish one off but when i opened the next one last night, i was only able to drink a glass of it last night, by this morning it has gone bad. they were sold at reduced price, 18p each, that is why i bought them. granted they are sold cheap because they are on their expiry date.

 i suppose i should have froze them,but first divide them into a litre each and then freeze them, that would make them last as it is very difficult to drink 4litres of milk at one go. haha. but my freezer is small, and so i got no room. and i dont have  empty 1 litre milk bottles anyway. so i guess next time i find these reduced price milk i shall not be tempted to buy too many of them.

i am so used to powdered milk now i dont really crave fresh milk anymore. i find the only reason to buy fresh milk is if u like those breakfast cereals, they are great with fresh milk. but since i dont eat breakfast cereals .. too much suger in them.. i dont have any reason to buy fresh milk anymore. 

looks like it will be a sunny day today. taken at 8.20am

12C 2.42pm wrong again, about the sunny day i mean.haha. very cloudy and quite chilly actually, because there is a cold wind. it was a good excuse to stay indoors and go to the library.

i went to the marylebone library and decided to take the bus via trafalgar square, and coming back i stop off at chinatown, had my home made chicken sandwich sitting down in leicester square and seeing the fountain in action there. it is just leaping jets of water in a rhythmic dance sequence.  

and waiting for the bus at trafalgar square, i saw a notice saying there will be bus diversions on sunday 19th march. because of an event. it said. did not say what event. but later at home, i googled it, and found out it is the st patrick day procession that goes from piccadilly to trafalgar square.  that reminds me to take another route or to avoid taking the 88 on sunday.

actually today is the actual st patrick’s day. but i only saw two women in chinatown each wearing a hair band with two  green shamrock leaf bobbing on top of their heads. haha.  

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