marches in central london

18 Mar

london 1.37pm 14.7C cloudy saturday 2017

another weekend, another protest march.

today there are two of them, 6th anniversary syrian march, from marble arch to oxford st to merge with the against racism march from portland place to parliament square. the routes for them seen here in this link.

i saw mention of the anti racism one when i googled , so know to avoid that part of london, but did not know of that syrian one. but luckily i avoided both of them. i took the bus no 2, from marylebone, at about 12.30pm even though the bus stop warned there will be no service of that bus from 11.30am onwards. the bus 2 route dont really go down oxford st, though it does go through a small part of oxford st at the marble arch end;   and any marches starting from there will block the route. but from that twitter website, it seems there were not many people going on the syrian march, and so they  delay it by an hour. well when the bus i was on came to that end of oxford st, there were no one marching or carrying banners there. no litter with their protest slogans at all.  not a single sign to show they have been there.  perhaps they have all moved on to oxford circus and left the area round marble arch. if so, they are very tidy haha. maybe after 6 yrs of doing it every year, they have got a bit bored with it. haha. 


 some commenters  on that twitter site were talking of traffic and ordinary people being inconvenienced by these marches. and tomorrow there will be more disruption as the st patrick procession will occur. ah well, perhaps the businesses in that part of london gain from having so many people come to london for these things. after all , those marchers, and those coming to celebrate st patrick, will need to eat and they might even be tempted to shop. who knows.

but what about many others like me who avoid going to that part of central london. perhaps there are very few people like me. though from my experience, even for people like me, there is no need to avoid that area at all, seeing that only the buses are disrupted , and the tubes are normal. so perhaps it really dont inconvenience any one really. i would say the biggest people affected are drivers. but then, no one in their right minds should be driving in central london anyway. i think drivers in london are the bogeys , no one cares about them . haha. they get less road every year, as more of it is taken up by bike lanes, which are mostly desserted most of the day. then if that is not bad enough, there are the bus lanes, where they are not allowed to enter. and i am not even mentioning the parking charges, if u can find any empty spaces , and the congestion charge. 

added. 7.58pm 14.2C what do u make of this, i happen to take a look at the sunrise and sunset times 

Mar. 18, 2017 Rise Set
Actual Time 6:07 AM GMT 6:10 PM GMT
Length of Visible Light 13h 09m
Length of Day
12h 02m
Tomorrow will be 3m57s longer.

so it looks like today is the equinox. or even yesterday was the equinox. but it will be interesting to see what happens as we near 21st march. i had a look at the same time in 2016 and saw i made the same observation that year too but on 19march 2016. i forgot to take a snapshot of the situation on the 21st 20th march 2016 to compare. this year i shall, just to see what it gets up to on the 21st , if it is not equal day and night.

added. google tells me 2017 spring equinox is on 20march 10.29 GMT


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