eggs are hatching now that spring is here

19 Mar

london 9.21am 13.3C cloudy sunday 2017

Mar. 19, 2017 Rise Set
Actual Time 6:05 AM GMT 6:12 PM GMT
Length of Visible Light 13h 13m
Length of Day
12h 06m
Tomorrow will be 3m59s longer.

its not even the equinox yet,(supposed to be on tomorrow) but allready the days are getting longer than the 12hrs day and night. one of the funny quirks that must make those with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)go mad. for those who like nature to conform to their well ordered calculations, it must be irksome. for the rest of us who like the day to go longer, there is nothing to show us yet that it is getting longer. a few seconds dont make much difference, when cloud can obscure sunrise or sunset. we will notice it getting longer when summer time kicks in. that would be in a week’s time.

it has been rather warm though. all day yesterday and all through the early hours of this morning it has been hovering around the 11C-13C mark. it may not sound like much to those living with 30C temperatures, but it is very pleasant for us here. it heralds a change and that is as good as a holiday. haha.

and i saw a clothes moth fluttering in my lounge. the first of the season. haha. the windows were closed so it must have hatched out in my flat. i had hoped the winter cold would kill the eggs, but it obviously did not. i guess u could say i am one of those who are responsible for the plague of clothes moths to come this summer. we are the secret breeders of them in our homes. its like those neglectful gardeners who dont take care of their garden and allow weeds to grow and contribute to the weeds seeds being produced to scatter in the wind and spread itself all over the country and their next door neighbour with his well tended lawns. hehe. some might say they have the right to spread themselves, after all they were here before us humans, haha. though many a gardener would have loved to have them go extinct.

there is all this anguish about species going extinct, i am sure plenty must be thinking i would love it if the mosquito would get extinct. or if u are in scotland, the midges.

added. 12.28pm 14.5C cloudy library paddington. 

Digital StillCamera

new books that i just now borrowed from the library. the bill bryson one is not new of course, as it was published in 2000. but i think it is a new paperback edition. the sarah dunant is definitely new. 


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