human behaviour

21 Mar

london 10.04am 9.2C sunny tuesday 2017

5.15pm 11.7C sunny

7.21pm 10.8C night. dry.

people can be rather trying sometimes. i saw an example of it in the bus today. the bus drivers i think must have a lot of patience, and tolerance of human behaviour. the next bus stop is closed, because of road works, but some of those boarding on the bus one stop before did not know. they were only going one stop, and when the bus did not stop they start getting agitated. some of them know how to open the doors, by pressing the emergency button on the top of the doors, and so they got out. there were others who were allready on the bus who have heard the announcement, but still did not get out before hand. dont know if they did not know english or were unable to make out the words from the loudspeakers or just too lazy to walk and know that they can use the emergency button to open the doors. 

i wonder what is it about human beings. it must be a survival instinct i think, for people to flout the rules and find loopholes to circumvent any obstacles to them getting their way. it is like they want to gain advantage over others. and that i can see is a survival trait and will come in useful.

applied to business , those will be the ones to make a success of their business. but it does make u see the ugly side of human beings. those who have no compunction to trample on others to get their way. ah well, i suppose karma will find them leading a horrendous life in the next life. haha.

it does make u look at someone here in this world who have so much horrible things happen to them, and it does make u wonder if they have been right shits in their previous life and now karma is working on them.

or maybe there is no karma. everyone does what their souls want to do and there is no such thing as bad or good. 

i see that waitrose have finally decided enough is enough and stop giving away free coffee. u have to buy something before u can get your free cup from 3april. so it is still free coffee but with a small proviso. they did not specify a minimum amount, so it is still quite a good offer. even a generous one actually. though quite a lot are allready lamenting and complaining about it. haha.

added. 9.33pm, earlier my hotmail was down. its on now.  i have read of it going down in the past, but i was not affected, or more likely i did not go into my hotmail when it was down. but about 5pm, or was it 7pm,  i tried to go in and it was down. and i read this express article talking about it. one wonders what is going on that hotmail has been targetted like this. curiouser and curiouser. 




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