its a nice day again

28 Mar

london 11.02am 11.1C brilliant sunshine blue sky tuesday 2017

might be the first chance i can get to sit outside and soak up the sun without feeling cold. yesterday started cloudy and then brightened up but not much. previous days there was bright sun but a cold wind makes it too cold to sit outside.

added 12.20pm 13.5C sunny

well, i have been sitting out in the sun, but only for about 10mins. as long as it takes for me todrink my cup of coffee. i brought a book with me, thinking i shall read that. but in the end, i did not read it.i know, it is laughable, but the sun was too strong for me. what to do right? it is either too cold to sit out, or too hot to sit out. either way, it looks like this idea of mine of sitting basking in the sun is not a starter. haha. i think the only way i can sit out in the sun is being completely wrapped in winter clothes to shield me from the wind, so that only my face is exposed. that way i can quite happily sit out for a bit longer than 10mins. haha.

ah well, my being brought up in a tropical country like malaysia makes me want to avoid the sun. when i was younger i was able to sunbathe quite a long time… in europe, not malaysia… that one is still a sun to avoid…i avoid the burn by putting 50 strength suntan lotion on.

but now i am getting older i am less tolerant of the pain that comes from sitting out in the sun. and let me tell you straight … sitting out in the sun is painful. there is no two ways about it.

i can stand a lot of pain, as evidenced by this painful foot where i dont take any pain medicine for it. but pain from the sun ? my mind dont seem to accept that so easily . that seems to be the opposite of what others experience. for them, they would take pain medicine at the drop of a hat, but sit for hours out in the blazing sun…? that is fine.

ah ha, i look out of the window and see the sun clouding over. the sky is more cloudy now. so i suppose it will be more comfortable to sit outside now. but i am quite over moving in and out of the flat and shall be happy to stay indoors and surf the internet. haha.

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