room to let in london, for others i mean

29 Mar

london 12.46pm 14C cloudy wednesday 2017

reading this article about a very small flat that got viral with everyone criticising it, and this article interviewed a young guy who actually lived there about 2-3yrs ago when he first came to london at 22yrs, it reminds me of my situation too when i first arrived here in london . i too found a bedsit in kensington, it was so long ago i had forgotten where it is, i could not find it again even looking at the map of kensington. it was on a very busy road full of traffic. because it was a bedsit there was no rental agreement to sign or deposit to hand over. it was very simple which i like. electricity was a coin operated meter in the room.

 it was a tiny room, enough just for a single bed and a stove. i share the bathroom/shower with the others. not that i ever see them. and it was fine, the rent was very low, though i cannot remember exactly how much. i think it was £20 a week, i know impossible to get nowadays. but it was the early 80s. it was very central that was what attracted me to it. it shows you dont really need a fancy place to stay when u are starting out in london. all those who are so fussy about where they live dont have their priorities right. you should not be spending so much time in your room, go out and enjoy everything that london has. the time to stay in and want a nice place is when u are old where u can watch television all day. haha.

i am reminded of rooms to let now  when i got a message yesterday from a gay website ,from a bulgarian guy who has moved to london and who i have been chatting too since he came to london.  he asked me if i know of any room to rent long term. i remembered a friend of mine used to let out his spare room, in crystal palace. luckily i see this friend’s posts in my facebook, so i sent him a message via messenger and he said he has a room vacant. so i have put them in contact and hope it has a nice outcome. 


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