must remember to not be fooled today by the news.

1 Apr

london 7.32am 11.7C cloudy saturday 2017

8.22am very sunny now.

i should have realised today is april fool day. i got caught out when i read this that the bbc is to announce the uk is to withdraw from eurovision. that is the annual song contest which the uk have always come out near the bottom. haha. its meant to be for european nations only, but even australia is in it, how can that be you might well ask, and think that is a joke, but it is really true. why countries want to join in and spend money on it, and even more money if they win by hosting it, with songs so mediocre that the winners just disappear from view afterwards. its a lose-lose-lose situation if u ask me.

i thought it was a good idea that the uk will withdraw, while letting the scots do it.   but it was only when i read the comments that i realise it was an april fool joke by the pink newspaper website.

sigh, i suppose this whole day will be full of these fake news pretending to be jokes. 

added. this guy liked my post and when i click on his blog, i found he has a post about google map allowing people to play pacman on it. well, thanks to him for letting us find out about it. i did go into google map and a sidebar allows u to bring up that pacman game. i often wonder what the attraction is to pacman… is it only me that finds it quite boring..? i guess so, because i find all these repetitive games very boring. but i am a minority of one it seems.

added 1.33pm rain clouds 15.2C got an email from krispy kreme saying they did a april fool joke on us when they sent us all to tell us they are changing their brand in uk from krispy kreme to krispy cream, because so many in the uk have mispronounced it. i pronounced it as cram  but these americans dont know how to pronounce things and call it cream.they should use kreame. which does look combersome. anyway it is all a april fool joke. not quite following the rules, it should have been started today and then later they can tell us it is a joke. 

just look at that camellia bush, brimming over with flowers. such a big difference from when it was first so severely pruned. i only now noticed that mass of daffodils, in the central plot of our community garden.

so sunny and blue sky now 6.10pm 15.5C . they forecast rain in the afternoon, but it did not come.

added. i read this article in the daily mail. an expert saying forcing kids to have breakfast is like child abuse. i think it is a april fool article, but do u know something? i really think it is good advise. not agree that it amounts to child abuse, but stop giving them breakfast cereals for god’s sake. give them porridge and  no suger. just a small handful of sultanas. do it right from the time they are small, and u will have healthy kids whose motion is regular. all this people asking for suger to be taxed. just dont buy any sweets in the house, and dont give them desserts, dont establish a sweet habit for them, and u will be laughing at all the adverts for sweet things, as your sprog will not be interested in eating them. hopefully it will make them sick as a parrot if they do. if u say no one does that… i can tell you that was how we kids were brought up by our parents, so that to this day i can control my sweet intake to the bare minimum.

i think the idea that we must have dessert with every meal is foisted on us by the commercial companies and restaurants. and the asian countries are now being targetted by the same suger loving companies. asian meals dont emphasis sweet desserts. fruits end the meal. but now  sweet desserts are a must- have to end the meal.

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