some happy thoughts

2 Apr

london 5.39pm 15.5C sunny sunday 2017

hi from sunny london. hope everyone is well, and enjoying life. i just woke up so am feeling rather refreshed. greeted by a black cloudy sky above but bright sunlight reflected off the wall of the block across from me , which is catching the setting sun. sunset is 7.35pm , 2hrs away. it provides quite a dramatic contrast.

i see arsenal and manchester city are playing and they are showing the score. so when i walked into the kitchen i asked simon is he watching the match. he said he will watch it tonight . i said it is on now, they are playing and scoring… i deliberately did not say what the score was as i know football people dont like to know the score before they see the match. so it seems the tv match is a delayed broadcast . he said he might just look up the score, as he is going to bed at 7pm, and may not be awake to see the match on tv later tonight.

added 10.06 pm. he has gone to sleep now, but he has been watching the snooker on his laptop instead of the tv football. it is live, but play is greatly over extended and they are still playing, even though he has gone to bed. he left the laptop on and i can see they are still playing. i am not sure if he is recording it to see it when he wakes up. he got to work tomorrow very early and should be having a early night. sigh, these sports mad people. anyway, i slap his laptop shut and closed it. he will just have to miss it all. 

for people who are football mad, living in uk is a big plus. they get to see the live football and the replay and all the chitchat and analysis of it, instead of having to watch it in the middle of the night or early hours of the morning if they live abroad. all that football thing is lost on me as i only want to know who won… haha. if i am that interested in the match in the first place. usually i only want to know the final, who won the cup. but even then not always interested in it.

last night i cooked simon’s beef. he had it out of the freezer for some time. i was afraid it might spoil, when he went off for a few days to essex, where his mother lives, to live in her house, which was burgled recently…

i asked him about it, sigh, i know i am not really that worried about it, just curious to find out what it was about… and he said the neighbours interrupted the burglers and so they did not take anything. not that there is much to take. as the mother dont live there, and he only goes and make it look like it is occupied when his shift work allows him.

but it is the beef i want to talk about. i think it is veal, but whatever it was, it was delicious. so tender and i ate a large portion of it. i must have craved meat, maybe my foot is healing and it needs the meat. i chopped it into small pieces and simply cook it with veg in a stir fry. but that meat was highly desired. 

simon’s mum likes to buy end -of -date meat,cheap, and other stuff, and would fill the freezer up with these reduced priced meats. and simon would find it so stuffed with old meat that there is no more room for her new purchase and he would take those old meats back to london and we would eat them. this time he got cheap veg too, cauliflower and carrots for like 3p. he said. it seems in essex they still have such deep reductions.

 i have read in the papers that there is a glut of cauliflower, and that aldi is going to sell it for 29p come thursday. as usual the regular supermarkets like tesco, sainsbury dont sell it cheap, you would never have known there is a glut of these veg if u only shop there. and it takes aldi to force their hand. (if u like a good laugh, in the sun article ,click on that video showing 100veg balanced on the dog’s head. i was in hysterics throughout.)correction. i think i have been april fooled. haha. i just saw that article is dated 1 april. so i guess there is no glut. ah well, nevermind, because simon bought his at 3p, so u just have to wait till the end of the day and they will be sold off at reduced prices anyway.

like i said there is cheap veg lying around, and the supermarket prevents these from being sold cheaply, and the farmer have to let it rot. so we and the farmer lose out whilst those supermarkets dont want to bother selling those veg cheap, as it is not worth their while.

well, i am glad we got lidl and aldi, those budget supermarkets . they are able to show us how those regular tesco and sainsburys have been shafting us all along. they keep prices artificially high.

and of course recently the papers have been saying how prices at their convenience city stores are so much higher than their big stores. i think we are all aware that prices are higher, but these papers showed that it can be 80% higher. such a huge mark up. it was on walkers’ crisp. crisp itself has a huge markup to start with…

 i can easily know this just by going to the nearby tesco and sainsburys near me. they open all week, even sundays… and has taken the place of the old style convenience(they used to be called  corner stores )that used to be run by indians who keep long hours. but those have gradually sold out to the tesco and sainsburys so that now london is full of them. two or three of the same supermarket brand within the same area sometimes. and the prices are higher.

but this is the strangest thing. those stores are busy, busy… full of people buying … what is going on. those people dont seem to mind the higher prices. are they all rich? this area is full of rich housing, so i suppose it must be populated by rich people, (though round the corner is a council estate, and peabody estate, though many are privatised and own by landlords) not to mention there are all those civil servants working in the govt offices, like the home office building and god knows what other govt departments. they all get paid very well, so they can afford to buy lunch everyday from these supermarkets as well as the other outlets like pret,etc. but whatver it is, price dont seem to be a limiting factor.

are people stupid do you think? or is convenience so important to them, that it trumps any amount of high prices. or do londoners have this end of the world mentality…

live now for tomorrow we might die, of a terrorist attack. so why bother to save? or everyone is transient here, coming to london from all over the uk, or the world to just enjoy life to the full, and nevermind about the future. that they can do when they leave london or get married and put aside the crazy days of their youth. they will have the most vivid of memories of their time in london to warm their days when they grow old in some mundane other place. 



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