things are not too bad,

5 Apr

london 12.28pm 13C sunny. wednesday 2017

i saw this in my wordpress reader in yamadonkey

and it reminded me of a conversation i had yesterday with a chinese guy who i made contact with in a gay website. we were going to get free icecream from ben and jerry at vue cinema in fulham broadway. we got the icecream, hardly any queue, but then it was just when they opened so it was early.

but what led to talking of dementia, was his telling me he volunteers to be a helper for chinese old people in london, because he speaks mandarin, cantonese, and so there is a charity that helps these minorities with a few hours of companionship and help each week.

he also says he works 2-3days for council to look after their dementia people again for the chinese speaking clients. he is meant to spend  2 visits per week,  and twice a day. once at breakfast to prepare it and once for lunch. but he says plenty of workers are now leaving because of the way council have changed the work practise. in the past, the system to sign in how long they are at a session can be manipulated so each worker can use his discretion, how long to spend … it seems they give him 1hr for breakfast, (maybe because he has to help dress and clean them too, i dont know, he tells me someone else takes care of that once a week. these old people it seems need only to bathe once a week it seems. so maybe he dont even have to do that. i think perhaps it is to give him time to spend with the patient, chatting or whatever) but only half hour for lunch. he said it is not enough time at lunch but too much time for breakfast, so he steals some of the breakfast time to use at lunch. but since the council introduced a signing in system, using the home telephone… they now have to stay for the full allocated time,  1hr for breakfast. when they finished earlier they cant go on to the next customer and when the day’s  round come to lunch time for that customer they would have less time to make up for by  taking longer than the half hour allocated for lunch.

i doubt the council will give them overtime for the lunch hour. but i can understand the council being worried about the other system being subject to manipulation. after all not everyone is conscientous , and can be tempted to rush through their chores and finish early and go off. also, i suppose the 1 hr at breakfast is to give time to spend wiht the dementia person. added. 11.4.17, read this article about 900 carers quit everyday. is the reason because of the change in logging in their time spent on each person? perhaps for the sake of making their work load more enjoyable they should revert to the old system. i think it a poorly paid job myself and for that alone might be the reason for carers leaving. one mentioned if a supermarket shelf packer can earn more than her, why does she even bother being a carer really, and i would agree with her. unfortunately there is no profit to be made from an old person needing care. perhaps my suggestion that they have a lodger or be encouraged to live with someone… is a idea whose time has come. to have free accommodation, or reduced rent would be a great incentive for a lodger. sounds like a win-win situation for both.


many of these people who live in their homes, live alone. and i think that is the crux of it. i think they should live with others. even if it is a lodger, or friend who gets free lodging, or pay a reduced rent. the lodger need not be the official carer. all that is needed is someone in the house. to switch off things left on by the dementia person. because that seems to be one of the manifestations of their forgetfulness. my friend mentioned leaving the stove on, and i daresay they do other things too, like leaving lights on, the tv on, water taps on, etc. but in the big scheme of things it is not dangerous nor upsetting . just switch it off when u see it. that is why someone living there is crucial.

there is a fire hazard to leaving something cooking on the stove and forgotten, but it should be easy to put up a control system whcih will activate the lever to snap shut if that happens. my flat has such a system, and believe me in the early days it has done its job.  u dont need to be dementia to leave things burning on the stove.

and someone living there will sort it out when they come back from work. ideally the old person should live in a big household with 3 generations under one roof, something that is common in but of course not so here in uk.

there are degrees of dementia, and i assume those he sees in their own home must not have the extreme version, and can cope. that is why i would advocate allocating them a lodger or someone to live there. but of course here in this country there is no custom of shared accommodation.

no one in asia expects that they should  live alone in a big house. at least not any one i know. they all assume it will be filled with friends, relations, or even lodgers. but not so in this country. perhaps they should.


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