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7 Apr

london 7C 9.45am brightcloudy (lowest was 3C at about 7am) friday 2017

quite a chilly start this morning. i see it was 3C when i woke up, but usually it should not feel chilly in the flat. a bit puzzling that, until i walk into the kitchen and saw simon have left the window wide open.he has come back from his mum’s early this morning.  he smokes, and often leave it open to clear the smell. so that explains the chill in the flat.

added. its 11am 10C and bright sunshine outside now, streaming in through my sitting room windows. sometimes i call this room my lounge. i wonder which is more appropriate. to me both describes to perfection the type of activity that i use it for. haha. 

browsing the news i read that malaysia is not doing its F1 grand prix next year. this year’s race in oct will be its last. malaysia was one of the original countries that make up the numbers of the first grandprix circuit when it started in 1999. it seems dwindling numbers (of spectators) is the reason. i guess malaysians must have come to realise what i know allready , that it is really boring to watch cars go round and round the same track. new countries have been added , france and germany (the latter can only do it biannually).

added. 11.29am sat 8.4.17 15C sunny . i was thinking the monaco grand prix is rather nice to watch, just because they drive through all the famous landmarks … today i read that from monday new road rules allow for motorsports in public roads. other races like bikes, marathons, are allready allowed. and they are so disruptive. so i cannot imagine how much more it will be to allow the grand prix to take over a weekend in london. but if we can charge them an arm and a leg, it will be profitable. unlike all those marathons and bike races which we get now where we get no money from them and hell of a lot of disruption.

added. 6.07pm 16C sunny. earlier i had an appointment with the doctor. yes, afraid the foot is still not doing well. it is much improved in that it is not so swollen, but one part is still quite painful so i got another 7day course of the 2nd antibiotic given to me. the doctor who saw me said these things take time, and may require a long course of antibiotics. ah well, looks like i have to endure it. it will be worth it when it heals completely. i shall always appreciate it and look at my healthy feet with great respect and homage once it gets better.  

i find i want to stay put and put my feet up as often as i can. so i shall have a lot of my activities curtailed in the coming weeks. times like this make me glad (not for the first time either,) that i am not working, or dont need to work. i was wondering how i shall do the shopping as my ginger is running low, and it is quite a effort to go to brixton for that. but fortunately there is no rush… because john, my usa friend had been cooking and i can get to eat his efforts. it saves me having to cook which is quite helpful in my circumstances. so far i have not done much food shopping for a long length of time, the longest length of time in fact.

i got this foot infection on 22.3.17. so about 16 days. its really nice not to live alone. i got two living with me, john and simon. and it is very nice to have them around.

and i find it is really nice to not have any goals or lists to do…i think it suits me very well. i daresay most people wont like it… as they are convinced that to live you must be useful, or have goals, or do something… they feel guilty if they are not doing anything, because they feel they are wasting their time and to them time is precious, they must fill it up with lots of useful things to do. but to me it is such a luxury that i am not controlled by other people’s agenda, i dont have to keep any appointments, or meet up with other people to suit their plans. i can have nothing planned at all and feel very delighted at it. i am very rich in time. no one can buy it, nor can i give it away as a donation to anyone else.  it is all mine to spend it. and everyday it is used up, but miraculously, it is replenished without any effort on your part the next day. it is a cup that is constantly refilled every day. 


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