a warm day

8 Apr

london 5.51pm 21C now, sunny. mustbe thehighest temp today. saturday 2017.

i was out earlier at about 2.30pm, and it felt hot, even though it is about 17C. and i was thinking i feel uncomfortable now, how much more horrible it must feel like to have 40C or even 33C in the tropics where that kind of temperature is normal. makes me really glad to be here in london now. and glad that i am going to the library, going some place that is indoors,where it is cooler. its an old building with high ceilings, so can remain cool without need for airconditioning. 

its almost 6pm  i am indoors now back in my flat and feels very comfortable inside. maybe it is warm outside i dont know. and not going to find out by going out. i got my feet up and i am not budging from the sofa. haha.

read this article in the bbc website about graphene-based sieve that can sieve salt water and get pure water. now that is a great thing to do. if they can scale it up they will solve the fresh water crisis. perfect for desert areas that border the sea, or islands that have no natural water. 

added. 9.16pm 17c i just saw two moths just now. one in my bedroom, and the other one in the lounge. funny how i dont notice them in the past till now, when i got that simon’s wool sweater destroyed by them. the two i saw were smaller than the one i saw some time ago. i should kill them, but i just did not have the heart to do so. i can happily kill mosquitos but that is it. can’t bring myself to kill other pests, even cockroaches or rats. so just as well i dont have those in the flat. 


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